WIFI Auditor

Manage and protect any WIFI connection

Operating system: Windows

Release: WIFI Auditor 1.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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WIFI Auditor is a fantastic utility designed to protect your wifi connection from freeloaders and even hackers. The program even has the capability to show you details of surrounding networks such as passwords, number of users connected, etc.


  • Free to use
  • Automated functioning
  • Keep Networks Secure From Hacks
  • Keep Bandwith Consistent.

A person is capable of leeching and stealing the network contents of a VPN if they have ever been on WIFI. In reality, most of us fail to secure our networks properly. In most cases, our WIFI passwords should be changed every three-to-six months, but only around 5% of users do this. not bad enough, most of us ignore the default password we always get when we don't have a device. As far as we are concerned, the thing will be set up and be put to work straight away. WIFI Auditor allows you to truly set and forget instead of doing things the old fashion way.

In theory, what you're thinking now matters. The only reason anyone would network is my name and password. There will actually be less chance of valuable software going to waste since it will be easier to steal it. Hackers hack into people's networks in the dark night, while network owners sleep at night. A intruder can work without interruption for hours and then steal whatever they want even if they are unable to do so. Besides the damage that that did to the relationship, they ensured that you are responsible for all the damage done to your computer. You only have to follow these steps. Those whose names and addresses are mentioned are required to provide their identities when authorities locate the connection between the theft and their household. With WIFI Auditor, every time hackers or users come into your network, they are repeatedly booted from it through automated mechanisms. The use of WIFI Auditor is not recommended, but be aware it takes Java to function and runs on ve you not to use WIFI Auditor considering it is free but be aware that the program does need Java to function and does not work on Windows 10.

You can now secure any WIFI connection in as little as 60 seconds using a FREE browser.
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WIFI Auditor 1.0 (0.11 MB)
WiFi Auditor allows you to detect whether nearby WiFi networks are safe by pointing out their passwords, so you have the possibility of connecting to them. For networks with restricted access to WiFi, WiFi Auditor provides a special program to keep attackers and non-accessers off of them.
Charlie Thompkins
It was developed to protect you from malicious outside minds while bypassing the network of restricting parties. It reduces the amount of information we exchange on the Internet, and will leave you with more peace of mind and ease of access. You are automatically notified if there are any invaders on your connection when your connection is scanned by this software. Windows Vista, Windows 7, and 8, as well as Windows XP, are supported by this WiFi Auditor.1, and 10.
Consider WiFi Auditor if you need to ensure that your WiFi network is secure. By using this application, anyone who can't already access your WiFi network can be kept out. A network has been hacked or corruption occurred because of this. By assessing your network's vulnerability, you'll see how well it is protected.
If you connect to free WiFi in public, such as the street, then the WIFI Auditor Windows software enables you to know the password security of the WiFi network and to also keep notes as far as how secure it is.
The WIFI Auditor for Windows protects your Wi-fi from hackers who are looking to steal it. This manual was written specifically for the layperson who isn't too well rounded in technology and lacks time or means to research and gather information about insecure Bluetooth networks. Using WIFI Auditor lets you access the whole process via the internet. You can use the WIFI for a safe and secure environment and continue to spend time on the things you enjoy. It is completely free to use.
In case you are stuck in the limbo of no Internet or have been observing your neighbor's strong signal but have no way of getting online, you can get Internet here. As long as you do this while your neighbor watches you looking like your crazy when you ask for their password, we don't know what you would do, just buy this and stay safe. You could also anger him at the other time.
By using the WIFI Auditor, it can locate passwords of networks. You are not permitted to use this tool unless you have the JAVA JDK installed. If not used properly, it is highly dangerous.
The Nearby WIFI Software is a handy tool to check whether the nearby network is secure and if so how secure it is. IT FINDS A CONNECTION LIKELY BY OUTSTANDING A PASSWORD AND USES IT CONNECTING POSSIBILITY, IF ONLY A little bit out of the way. I think overall, it's a good software, and I recommend it to everyone.
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