by Wickr Inc.

Internet messenger for Microsoft Windows Phone.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Wickr Inc.

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Wickr is a simple and convenient online messenger for secure anonymous communication. If someone wants their correspondence to remain secret or if they have a desire to feel like James Bond, this game is perfect for them.

Audio, video, and any other types of files cannot be tracked and completely encrypted using this service. An encryption cycle using SHA 256 and AES256 algorithms ensuresonymity between plaintexts. Communication histories are never saved by the messenger, and user information is not sent. Upon delivery of these messages, the server immediately discards them. Messages with a lifetime can be sent in multiple languages too - After they have been sent to the recipient, they are automatically deleted. Wickr uses’a’shredder’-It filled the space of every'message or file in memory with nothing, forcing information to be inaccessible under that low of a level at 'uncoverable.'.

In January 2014, Wickr Inc. acquired an asset management company. The Wickr company offered a $100,000 reward to anyone who can identify a vulnerability that could compromise data privacy and security. It is, of course, as easy as pressing a button and disappearing from your account.

- A simple program; easy to use;

- Identification is a vital element; to assure confidentiality, etc.

- Multi-standard encryption supported); pps multiple encryption standards;

- While the server leaves no traces, the client's files are deleted;

- Versions of the software are available for platforms such as PCs, Androins, iOS, and Linux.

- "self-This time, the message will be terminated" when a specified period of time has passed.

If you run a small business, have employees or have a larger team with Wickr Pro. When you grow you don't have to scale as a business needs.
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