by Resplendence Software Projects Sp.

Advanced resource monitoring including the ability to set notifications

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Resplendence Software Projects Sp.

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SoSoSlow is an easy-to-use program that identifies factors that hinder a computer's performance and causes a Gaussian-like appearance. CPU's speed and temperature, load, system memory usage, drive fragmentation, system load are monitored. Program also makes the system kernel, kernel as a whole, responsive. In order to understand why the computer isn't working as it should, we should analyze all this data. Besides BIOS response rate, data on file usage should include files, power settings, running processes, and software version files. All this data is also provided by WhySoSlow.

A complete system management function and monitoring capabilities can be performed as well as monitoring. Process managers can be accessed via task viewers, too. Generally speaking, there are quite a lot of items in the "Tools" section, but they are basically just "references" to standard means of WhySoSlow (defragmenter, uninstaller and so on).

Also, it may be useful for you to collect basic info about the computer. If such a thing is requested, a reference can be found under section "SysInfo". System malfunctions may be made part of the "Alarm" section. By working in the background, WhySoSlow will be able to detect key levels of CPU temperature, strong system-media fragmentation, and several others.

Operating system enthusiasts will benefit greatly from this free software.

- Maintain a clear view of CPU speed, load, and temperature;.

- to determine kernel and application response rates ;

- basics; ;

- A malfunction of the system; notification from the manufacturer.

- Process managers that can assist with hang-ups are often better choices.How the standard Windows Task Manager bungled up and got hung up on.

- Hot keys can be used to manage monitoring tools.

Could you explain why you are not able computer is not fast enough? It has a built-in reason so slow if you don't wish to speed up. The difference is that WhySoFast isn't fast, but why so much slow is good. Yet you may want to do more: how you might question the outcome. In fact, WhySoSlow will provide you with detailed information on why your computer has trouble running when you run it normally. Since we know this, there is now a means of determining why a computer is slow and of fixing that which needs to be fixed. It's an easy way to try out WhySoSlow! So ask why not?? When you use this method, you'll become WhySoFast in no time.
claims to diagnose, and fix, computer problems that have slow down your computer. But despite the software's capabilities, there is an obvious spelling mistake in its first paragraph that I find unpalatable. Unless otherwise stated, the software looks like a standard diagnostic tool set.
You can track the speed and tell when the device on your PC has malfunction with this program. Upon setting up the sensors, the load, speed, and temperature will be monitored. By using this software, you can detect why your computer is running so slowly.
It takes quite a lot of explaining in order to appreciate this method in windows. When your computer acts slowly, this basically indicates that it is trying to figure out why. You can also monitor your computer with this program. In addition to keeping an eye on the system, it can actually save your time as well.
It is very handy for monitoring the performance of my computer. Moreover, I will be able to find out what is causing my PC to stutter, BRAVO!!!
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