by Resplendence Software Projects Sp

Find out which drivers are responsible for your computer crashing

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Resplendence Software Projects Sp

Release: WhoCrashed 6.50

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Running this troubleshooting software will check your recent crash dump files to see if it is the most plausible cause of your issue. You shouldn't try this utility if your PC is unstable, and it keeps crashing. There's no need to worry about finding all the details to fix your own PC's problems with this software application.


  • intuitively reports and detects bug checks
  • checks for responsible kernel modules
  • checks for buggy device drivers
  • pinpoints most likely offending drivers
  • generates reports of possible culprits

When you first run Who Crashed, it automatically downloads and installs MS Debugging Tools for Windows. Its capabilities are very powerful when it comes to troubleshooting Windows. An understandable process is used to gather information. In an Internet connection with poor performance, it could take a while to download the program (17MB). It is possible to do the setup once, although you must do it only once. If you find any files or programs that are causing you issues, you should simply uninstall them and when they are gone, they should be gone as well. This tool will enable you to find out how crash dump problems are handled, though it may be somewhat challenging.

A Blue Screen of Death dump from Who Crashed is analyzed.

Requires Windows: XP, Vista, 7,8,10.

It is necessary to install the software.

Size about 17MB

Free version

$34 for the pro version.95.

WhoCrashed 3.00 (1.37 MB)
WhoCrashed 3.03 (1.73 MB)
WhoCrashed 3.04 (1.76 MB)
WhoCrashed 3.06 (1.76 MB)
WhoCrashed 4.00 (1.94 MB)
WhoCrashed 5.00 (2.53 MB)
WhoCrashed 5.01 (2.54 MB)
WhoCrashed 5.02 (2.58 MB)
WhoCrashed 5.50 (2.15 MB)
WhoCrashed 5.52 (3.59 MB)
WhoCrashed 6.50 (8.65 MB)
Ronald Pruitt
When you launch WhoCrashed, you receive files from your systems crash dump as a way to track down the problem and determine what may be causing it. Specifically, it is configured with tools from the troubleshooting window to ensure its reliability, as well as collecting data to improve those results. After the scan, the app will alert the user to any apps and or drivers that may be causing your computer to crash.
can be tricky, but Who Crashed for Windows looks for bugs as well as searches the kernel modules and device drivers to find the exact location of any particular bug so it can be safely removed. First, the program ran slowly because an entire piece of the computer must be scanned in order for it to work.
Using the software, crash dumps can be analyzed quickly by taking very little time. It produced a report with as much detail as it can gather for the next steps and gave useful advice.
You can use this software to identify which drivers caused your computer to crash and then rebuild it. Having you reboot your computer without being forced to do so again can help the system analyze crash dumps after they have been completed. is recommended for its ease of use, speed of work, and comprehensive reporting capabilities. With it, you will discover the root of your issue, so you will not have it ever arise again.
The question of age can be answered with WhoCrashed for Windows.How come my Windows computer crashed and displayed what I consider the dreaded 'blue screen of death'. You can use this program to determine what caused an error and find a solution, which makes it possible for you to fix it. A WHoCrashed member will advise you how to change your settings so that crash dumps appear at all times if your computer is not set up for them. Getting this software installed may alleviate Windows frustration.
When my computer crashes, I am not sure what made it crash. will tell me about who caused this crash. I enjoy installing the program on my PC and love it. This may indicate that drivers are causing the issue. I can access all of the system's functions through it. There is a blue or black screen of debug. My screen has been covered in code.
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