by SoundSpectrum

As a composer and visualizer, WhiteCap combines sleek styling with technology to showcase beautiful music.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SoundSpectrum

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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WhiteCap - Creates plugin for media players that allows you to visualize music. The beautiful three-touch controls that you'll experience after installing the game.Phantom graphics can be projected during playback of music with full-screen viewing options.screen music.

If you want your media player settings to turn on this plugin, you must activate it after it is installed on your computer. To do this, open the "Visualization" option and select WhiteCap among the present plugins. There will then be a menu in the player's visualization window, where you are able to configure your plugin according to the users' wishes. You can customize color rendering schemes for the OSD menus, select an active background and theme, adjust play time and navigation for theme. The application also features screen resolution, background transparency, graphical wave shapes and sizes, and playback speed, among other advantages.

WhiteCap's visual effects can be generated without interrupting the flow of data.Every time you play a single themed game, you are given the option to play it one by one or to create something in chaos. Moreover, using this plugin, artists' (ensembles) names, songs, and album images can be displayed when a track is played. You will find that the plugin supports popular media players: Various media players are available for Windows, including foobar2000, RealPlayer, iTunes, jetAudio, and J Media Player Player. Streams to MediaMonkey, MusicMatch, River Media Center and Quintessential Player.

It was on media players the other day that I heard of such visualization. I enjoy watching the images and the distortions in them. I notice that it appears when it moves with the music, and it's pretty cool about that as well. In the studio or club or in business, this program might be beneficial.
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