Wefisy: Web Filtering System

by Wefisy

Tool to give you control over your child's media habits

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Wefisy

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Your child's use of the internet and media can be controlled with Wefisy, a free tool. In addition to providing a sense of security for your child when they browse the Internet on their own, it helps them to feel confident about it. Some tools may not 100% be effective in blocking "unsafe" sites, but they are more effective than none. A specific category of sites is offered (more than 30 will be available in a variety of themes), and either a particular list of approved sites and a method to proactively block access to them is customized. Besides blocking apps, you can also limit which third party messaging tools they allow.

I've never used a scheduling tool. I haven't figured out what it does, but I suspect your child has access to some "blocked" sites at times when he or she won't use it but only when he or she needs it. For example, if the child cannot or cannot access the internet on certain hours, you will have the option to set your own.

Installing this tool was relatively simple and took about a few minutes. This software was not difficult to install, thanks to the help video found on the site.

The tool is totally free so I'm not too bothered with it. The software does a bit feel clunky when used; however; Please review the tool's website to see what I mean. As a result, the graphics aren't good enough for me, and I don't feel as confident as I should in those provided by the company. According to me, the grammar on the site and the tool are poor, and the company doesn't appear to be a reliable company, making me more uncertain about its quality.

The program also doesn't support newer browsers and is only compatible with Windows computers. There is a claim on the company's website that they are working on solutions to the problem. From October 2020 onwards, the update to the list will be compiled.

This tool makes a good example of how a child can be protected online - forerunning their child on the internet – but I don't want to rely on an OS X computer program.

Allows child to browse internet more safely

  • Works on a variety of Windows systems
  • Can block whole categories of content
  • Custom site blocks
  • Can block specific app types
  • Totally free
In Windows, Wefisy is an online parental control program for free. According to their freemium structure, the Wefisy website was distributed differently than other similar offerings. You should use it if you want to run Windows. By using this tool, I can monitor my child's media habits. You can install it on Windows 98 and older. It can also prevent content from being categorized by an optional category. Phishing and malware are removed by this feature. The application itself is very fast as well.
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