by WeFi

Innovative discovery client for windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: WeFi

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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WeFi is a program to search for available Wi-Fi hot spots. The site also displays the information about your friends' Internet access location and location on a map. The developers of the program say their database contains information on 100 million Wi-Fi users.There are hundreds of Fi access points around the world. can automatically detect and connect to hot spots (with support for automatic identification and detection of access points requiring subsequent authorization by the user via a web web page and entry points requiring specific consent by the user on the web page), provide automatic scheduling of processes and enable automated testing and diagnostics. In the list of detected hot spots WeFi shows the corresponding categories and signal levels. If you select your city, a map will show the address of the available hot spots. Selecting the internet connection type is a user's choice.Use any and all tested hot spots during connection mode.

Good product from what I read, ideal for people traveling or going to the movies or getting a decent internet connection while away.With a Fi connection, you'll see where the Internet is available from.Get a Fi bonus if you subscribe. Users will be sure to avoid being drawn to some networks where their device may be impacted by the hotspot's testing.
WeFi is great. It is essential to have access to a wireless network in places like my home where my cell network is often spotty at best. The WeFi concept means it is no longer necessary to travel to endless locations trying to find an effective WiFi connection. The WeFi system shows me exactly what to do before and after I leave the office, so I can stay on top of everything.
The purpose of this app is to help you determine the best way to use WiFi. By searching online, I am able to find out information about my friend's online activities. There are 1000 million wi-fi access points within a data base, which makes the program easy to maintain and connect on. My recommendation for this product is for anyone interested in it.
Particularly useful is when linking to web-signing hotspots to conduct web sign-in.For access to the website, the access must be enabled by default. We-Using the browser will complete this task. It is available on my android smartphone as well as my netbook. For computers and Android phones, this is one of the best applications available. It stays online all the time without the cord being disconnected from me. The best it can be is the B. I love it since it is a great choice along with the bellhop.
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