WebSite-Watcher 2019

by Martin Aignesberger

A website-monitoring tool which helps users know what gets checked and how often

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Martin Aignesberger

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Site-Watcher allows you to know about changes at your favorite websites, reducing your cost of maintaining them. By using this program, you will no longer have to manually search for updates, which will make your computer work easier. The previous versions of the web page will be saved to your hard drive so that we can show you all the latest changes whenever we change the website.

This program lets you create a calendar that enables you to check your updates whenever a new one appears. With keywords, you can find out what is happening. By using the Internet-Watcher client function on your computer, you can monitor WebSite activity at anytime, anywhere.Be sure to mail the client a letter. You cannot check for changes over the developer's server since all bookmarks and settings have been saved on your hard drive.

Monitoring of web-pages:

- Several web activity monitoring features are provided in this program.As much time as possible is spent on each page. Updates to websites should not take time to do if WebSite-Watcher detects them right away. Documents from subfolders such as html and Apache are supported in this program.

Protection and control:

- The Macro macro is used to view password-protected pages when performing programming.


- You can place the WebSite-Watcher to find answers to new topics, using templates created in Photoshop or Microsoft Excel. All major phpBB, vBulletin, IPB, and SMFB forums are possible to use the program, including the program.


- Website-Watcher - You can check RSS and Atom feeds with this tool.

You can monitor the news feeds here.

- The Website-Watcher provides an overview of your whereabouts.Articles on them are marked by a defined feed and corresponding comments. Depending on your site, you can choose a term to search for news.

My life has been made easier with this software solution from Website-Watcher 2019. Automating my daily tasks and monitoring my feeds is something it provides for me. It saves me time while I search for articles that I am interested in. Search engines monitor web pages to ensure feeds are relevant for keywords. The functionality can be used for free. All you need to do is download and install the program. My work is done by this software. So cool.
This is a handy tool that helps you see how people behave on websites in general. The app would enable a lot of people to learn what other people do on the computer, and this would certainly benefit their activities. I think this tool is geared towards parents. Anyone can use it, but I think it has become a tool to appeal to parents primarily.
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