WebCam Monitor

by DeskShare

The web camera capability is available on Windows for web cam use.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: DeskShare

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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WebCam Monitor is a powerful software tool that allows you to turn your PC into a professional video surveillance system. It is often used to document events as well as observe them. A continuous movie can be saved or individual frames recorded with a set set time frame. The ability to continuously shoot (see how fast the camera shoots) is not available, except for simply recording the movement (movement) immediately in front of the camera.

With these software all videos can be compressed and uploaded to a remote FTP server automatically. WebCam Monitor can call your provider and establish an Internet connection. Alerts are also sent by email or mobile device.

The wizard automatically configures Webcam Monitor; you can also disable any monitoring options with the built-in scheduler. Alert tracking, video and photo recording will be enabled and disabled immediately, while FTP upload is automatically disabled. As part of our monitoring, every event is recorded with its date and time; and we can adjust our motion detection sensitivity and camera field-of-view masking features to ensure false alarms are avoided.

More than 100 camera models are supported by Webcam Monitor - click here for more details. It may be equipped with digital zoom, as well as pan or tilt controls.

Video surveillance:

- Live Video Monitoring and Recording via webcams and IP cameras can help you keep updated; ;

- To conduct viewing and monitoring with one or more cameras;

- Using a pan and tilt device, you can adjust how far into the shot the coverage area.

- Monitoring scenarios will be automatically configured when in full automation.

Video recording:

- Any selected camera captures continuous data in a continuous manner;

- A stamped image of the date and time of each video you wish to keep (for legal purposes).

Motion detection actions to be set up:

- As per your choice of action, per camera;

- Email notifications are sent out by electronic means.The first sign of an initiate event should be mailed with a photo; ;

- The areas you do not want to detect should be disguised.

Audio and video content: published audio and video: publication of audio and video:

- Entering entries into the FTP server; ;

- Setting up websites.

Camera control:

- Create a quick overview of the event's history, view the event's logs, or see the event's photos...

- Monitoring will begin and end automatically on the schedule.

When it comes to cyber security, Webcam Monitor delivers in a way no other monitor on the market can. will monitor your webcam constantly and give you the latest notification if anyone tries to steal your photos. As a result, this application can do quite a few things in the near future as well as work on other applications.
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