WebCam Looker

by Felenasoft company

Finds web cams for windows now servers

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Felenasoft company

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WebCam Looker software will help you to set up a real video surveillance system on your computer. This program is connected to multiple sources. A regular webcam, TV Tuner (with a camera), digital cameras, global Internet cameras, etc., might all be included in these. A total of no more than four sources can be connected to the program at any time. Connected via a computer, all cameras connected simultaneously, you can check your home or business from anywhere. You can view them in the main utility window by clicking the icons. Each broadcast source can be assigned a specific profile.

It is interesting to see motion sensors processed one by one with this program. It is possible to identify several types of this sort of thing. By installing a camera in your garage, you are given direct control over your garage and your car. There are twelve ways to receive notification by using this utility. You can access notifications by email, Skype, SMS, or by beep. Video recordings are archived and are instantly available for Internet sharing. If desired, the WebCam Looker user can configure the camera schedule. Remote management is another option. offers the possibility of full-time employment.fledged video surveillance.

- A complete network of cameras to allow access to every camera; s any cameras to connect;

- We can choose from the following devices to use as sources:

- With this device you can detect motion; ;

- several alert modes;

- flexible settings.

Thieves rcents. Isn't it strange how you dislike love thieves? If, while you have, and you have a concern that thieves may be taking over your laptop, the software installed webcam looker so that the software can connect video surveillance cameras and any other type of camera to your laptop and allow you to track it throughout the rest of the performance. This works great for me and I love it. The high definition camera will reveal what is taking place on your property if it's not there. You can send text messages to the program via Skype email or on your telephone, and it saves a video and runs remotely - it includes all the features you need.There is a serious amount of video surveillance software available. The webcam looker is awesome and it is very handy.
By using WebCam Looker for Windows, you can protect the people's and your interests as a user. Multiple cameras and other devices as well as webcams, such as computers are compatible, enabling you to setup and monitor a video surveillance platform.
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