by Nir Sofer

Password recovery tool that reveals the passwords stored by your web browser

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Nir Sofer

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Some users of personal computers prefer to operate their software simply using these tools. A browser, for example, can be used to save passwords. Is it better to leave the keys all the time or to enter them t time if you can just leave them in your browser's memory? Especially if a number of sites you need to visit keep your schedule to the minimum. Here's where you entered your password, but got rid of it after taking a while to figure it out. Then, you need it now, but the browser won't show you it. Maybe it's because he isn't going into it often anyway. It's not a problem, everything will be solved by the WebBrowserPassView program from the developer Nir Sofer.

The developer provides small but useful programs that already have users satisfied. WebBrowserPassView is a great tool to help you "pull" saved passwords from your browser. It's natural that similar programs exist as well for different browsers. With this tool, you can work with the most popular as well as most famous and frequently used browsers: You can use Chrome, Safari, Opera, FireFox and Internet Explorer if you choose to do so. Documents made of html, txt,xml and csv are all possible ways to store recovered passwords. There is no need to set up a subscription to one of them. Installation is not necessary to use the program. The program comes in a flash, you run it, and then you can look for your stolen passwords. InternetBrowserPassView is a free-download application with a small footprint.

- Five of the most famous browsers available on the market; generates pages based on your needs; provides the latest calendar year notifications.

- Using all saved passwords; es all saved passwords;

- You select one of four formats as an alternate method of saving them in a document.

- Installation is not a requirement; e ity an installation;

- The software works well.

If you have multiple passwords for different browsers or websites, this product is very useful. Even if you don't use the browsers, you can use it to save passwords in different folders. My coworkers, family, and friends have all told me that they are pleased with the service.
The WebBrowserPassView is a password recovery tool that identifies e e is a password recovery tool that reveals the passwords stored by the following Web browsers: Version 4 of Internet Explorer (.0 - 11.Firefox (All Versions), Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera are also available.
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