Weather Spy

by Newscenterx

To know weather condition from anywhere in the world

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Newscenterx

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Simple, yet effective, weather spy software for predicting current weather conditions around the world. The Weather spy is not much more than a small stick. With this tool, you can check and know the weather condition at the same time the program retrieves the latest weather data, so you can see the current conditions in the interface along with their results on the website. By using this tool, you can check both the current weather and a 10-day forecast. Furthermore, the weather spy tool can gauge precipitation, wind direction, and temperature. In addition to satellite images, data can be viewed based on clouds, temperatures, rain, and other image formats. Then you may toggle between seeing this window as it appears in the taskbar as a weather icon accompanied by other information, or you may minimize it.

There are satellite images included in the program!!

  • This program can be spoken in more than one language.
  • Navigate to the taskbar by clicking a small icon.
  • A better understanding of precipitation probability and wind speed as well.
  • Images are taken by satellite from the US and Europe.
  • Keep up-to-date with the weather anywhere in the world.

Program's settings menu also allows users to pick from a variety of measurement tips and apply transparency effects to the operating system's windows as well. With Weather Spy, you will have complete access to the conditions anywhere around the globe if you're looking for accurate, near-real-time weather reports.

This Weather Spy Window will show you exactly what sky temperatures change when they occur. Each country uses this weather spy window.
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