by Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH

A software providing support in the music production and editing process

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Wavelab is an audio editor that offers the user a pretty serious set of tools for editing, mastering and mixing music. One can run the process individually or in batches of tracks. In addition to editing functions, the Wavelab contains functions for burning audio files to optical discs and creating an Audio CD.

With this program, users can normalization sound levels at the level of each instrument, analyze wavelength patterns and study time chains as well as calibrate instruments with a special instrument set. A major editor window has six panels - an editing panel, timeline, an active tool panel, and mastering parameters - grouped together. It is up to you to change the size of any screen you want. If you have use the NVIDIA Virtual Studio plug, use it again.Several (or more) additional panels are added to the ins library, which is also supported by Wavelab. Additional add-ons are not compatible with VST3 versions 1. When you select Pro, you'll be given the option of uninstalling the application.With the latter version of StudioEQ, Post Filter and Sonnox plug-in, StudioEQ is compatible with many applications.In Wavelab, ins will be installed as a default program. The latter is the best tool for reconstructing sounds. You will be able to fight both noise and an array of sound artifacts with it.

By saving a current session in the editor, the project can be continued in the future as long as the right file hasn't been saved to any old directory. A handy tool for those whose work demands them to work on more than one song at a time.

The Wavelab editor is open-source, and you'll be able to try it out for free over a month with no restrictions of usage. If you intend to install USB from your computer/laptop, you must have a USB port present.eLicenser.

- : mastering tools, information, and music track-recovery

- supports VST3 plugins;

- Added files have a complex analytical process which takes care of the added analysis.

- DIRAC 2 is supported in this component.2 algorithm;

- Applies to sessions saved with Microsoft Office programs in batch mode.

- DVDs and CDs are both safe to burn.

Having heard of Wavelab, it's the best program for windows, which's the way I prefer to work. It accepts any upgrade of Windows version.It can be understood from its name as a mastery tool and as a very secure one.
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