by Ascora GmbH

A very usefull software that cleans up your system of all junks

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Ascora GmbH

Release: WashAndGo 19.23.09

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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WashAndGo is a software that was developed to help its users to perform the task of cleaning up junks off their system because this time can be a very heinous task, that is trying to clean up different unwanted data, caches, cookies, and waste data. Thanks to this software (wash and go), very useful. A person's system can be repaired and cleaned for several reasons, such as aiding with increasing its speed and prolonging its lifespan as well. You are also unique and must be part of the team.to software when you want to clean up junks from your system, WashAndGo software also repairs system errors. computers make mistakes, and these mistakes sometimes have a serious adverse effect on output of the system. Software wash and go is useful in the area that involves correcting these mistakes.

The WashAndGo can also help in removing all internet traces like traces from browser caches, cookies, etc. the beauty of this software is that it posses a feature called smart clean, which helps in scanning and cleaning up entries in the registry that are garbage, and not working entries, as it can be catastrophic if working entries are tampered with. Due to its portability, this software will find users very easy to use.friendly interface. WashAndGo can detect and correct system errors like nonperforming shortcuts, wrong entries in windows, e,t.c.

The WashAndGo software does all these functions with utmost safety, as it will only suggest the removal of a file when it is almost fully certain that the data is unnecessary and unwanted, The software also creates a backup with which it can undo any change within seven days.


  • it removes unnecessary garbage files
  • it corrects system errors
  • it removes traces from your browser cache and internet cookies
  • it works automatedly
  • it can correct windows registry errors
WashAndGo 18.23.0 (24.8 MB)
WashAndGo 18.23.05 (25.28 MB)
WashAndGo 18.23.06 (25.28 MB)
WashAndGo 18.23.07 (25.28 MB)
WashAndGo 19.23.08 (25.87 MB)
WashAndGo 19.23.09 (25.77 MB)
WashAndGo 2016.20 (24.41 MB)
Among its many features is it an anti-staller that actually makes a computer faster rather than slower, a significant improvement from most other PC maintenance programs.
I am a gaming dude, I have 20 to 30 games in my computer, as of late, I've been able to figure out how I supposed to play my games faster and more efficiently through this method, so I made a mental list in the search section of the website and eventually
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