Download videos from social media sites such as Youtube and Facebook

Operating system: Windows

Release: VXDownloader 3.2.807

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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It is free for download

  • It is easy to set up and use
  • It is free
  • It can be used across multiple websites for downloading videos
  • It supports various devices, such as laptops, phones, and tablets.

The VXDownloader is unlike other downloaders currently available in the sense that it can be used across various social media sites and also that it has its very own search bar within the program. In addition, the download and use of this program is free. Players such as 3GP, AVI, FLP, and MP3 are compatible with these technologies. In addition, if a video is downloaded from the web on a computer then it may run on smartphones if they run the application that supports it. Videos can be renamed to your tastes shortly after downloading as well. Unlike Apple operating systems, this program runs on a Microsoft Windows computer. Windows 2000 through Windows XP, as well as Windows Vista and Windows 7 can be run with this program. No one has told me Windows 10 is supported. As far as memory space goes, this program clocks in at only 3GB, a pretty small amount.This is a small amount, but it does not include any of the movies you download from this program. When you use this program, you have the option of loading up to ten videos at once. As a result, I spent less time in the program doing so. is recommended primarily for those who have a Windows PC and wish to download a free video and share with others on social media.

A great tool for removing videos from any site, including YouTube and Daily Motion. The computer or smart phone app is very simple to use. A renaming of a video is a pleasure for me if I wish to do it.
It's very easy to use, especially in large groups, if you want to save streams of videos from reputable sites like YouTube and Vimeo onto your computer. The search functionality of VXDownloader means it is not necessary to consult those websites and get those videos. The built-in search interface lets you enter a keyword and then see what videos related to your search term. This will allow you to begin downloading as soon as possible. convert files into the formats you need, so you won't need to reinstall the software frequently.
Carter Prince
You can download a large number of videos from YouTube and Facebook with this program. You can also use it on desktop and mobile devices because it is extremely easy to do so. There are many functionality features and the interface is great. It would definitely be best to have a friend or family member use this software. Five stars.
I strongly recommend VXDownloader because this tool makes it easy to browse and search YouTube video and videos from over a dozen other platforms. You can even use it to convert them to MP3 format when you need to. The files are downloaded at a very high quality. Using YouTube to download playlists, however, requires no extra work because you can always download more than one thing at a time. makes downloading a to a huge amount of videos from YouTube a very pleasant process and comes with a beautiful interface.
video downloader can download videos from youtube, consumes more RAM and won't utilize your entire PC's RAM to do so, so it's fast, secure, reliable, simple and recommended by every user. You can use it to download 4k videos from YouTube.
Downloading this downloader application is absolutely awesome!! This one works over multiple platforms, making it convenient to store as an app on more than one device. I only need the app on one device at a time; it works for both my laptop and phone. Its accessibility and cost cannot be surpassed. It also works on my son's phone. My son now can easily upload videos to his social media friends in order to gain notoriety as a social media star!!
It would be ideal for my computer as well as my phone to use this, etc. We were able to setup both very easily. Being able to download for a range of platforms such as Facebook and YouTube is definitely beneficial.
With the VXDownloader software, anyone can stream videos to their computers, TVs, and mobile devices with a single click. Using this app, you'll be able to watch videos online in the highest quality. Videos can be saved from almost any website onto hard drive memory by uploading them using this free program. Examples include YouTube, Daily Motion, etc. Users can store these videos in a variety of formats, including video files and audio files, to ensure the greatest quality for them to view.
The best tool for downloading videos from all popular non-downloadable websites is the VXDownloader software suite. Free software such as these works virtually anywhere. It is easy for this file to be set up and is user friendly. This software is available for mobile phones, laptops, and desktops in addition to mployers, laptops and desktops. The software most likely allows us to access our most popular videos. Afterwards, we can start downloading as soon as we need to. Also providing an option to convert entire files into any format we want. files can also be kept as any name we require. This free software is powerful.
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The VXDownloader for Windows is very useful program that can be configured for expanding menus for selecting the desired output format, quality, as well as removing videos from sites other than YouTube.
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