by vpsrobots

Using Windows, you will maintain a remote linux server.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: vpsrobots

Release: VPSrobots 1.1.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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VPSrobots for Windows allows users to maintain and manage a Linux web server remotely through their windows computer. With this software, you can keep your confidential data secure.An authentication system built for preventing unwanted access will prevent unwanted access. VPSrobots removes the pain associated with managing these servers and allows users to be more productive and use their time more efficiently. We make it very easy and save time by using the LAMP environment early on during the installation, rather than by using commands to do so. This also allows users to be able to use the software easily to appeal to other people.

By using a WordPress plugin, the website would easily be converted to an online web hosting service. Moreover, you can easily transfer files within compressed and uncompressed formats. With just a few steps, workflows improve. Additionally, they can be extracted using compressed states, thereby reducing overhead.

management is simple and fun thanks to the graphical user interface, which comes with no Linux knowledge. The user interface is simple and straightforward to understand so that built-in functions and operations are displayed. As part of the SSL implementation and encryption process, user preferences allow user to configure the configuration settings during setup. also consists of fewer resources, so you can get by with very little storage space needed to manage your website's crucial features. Moreover, the software includes a low resource usage mode, which automatically eliminates the overhead costs of central processing units. In all, VPSrobots is meant for people who want to build and maintain a WordPress website but either lacks the knowledge/skills or the time to deal with maintaining such a time-consuming website.

Additionally, this software is for the budget-A server owner who is conscious but no large amount of money has been allocated to sustain professional servers. software can handle different numbers of websites for a small add-on fee. This basic software is a free download.

Secure, simple, fast.

  • Works with 32-bit and 64-bit, all versions of windows
  • Deploy new sites within minutes
  • Schedule backups and restore sites through the dashboard
  • Free for one site, cheap for many.
  • The GUI in Windows is easy to use.
Through a centralized dashboard, all accounts are handled by a single admin in an absolute flat amount on an unlimited scale. Right away, you can create a new page. Make site reinforcement timelines and encourage a thorough rebuilding process with the platform. Set up initial accounts with one of several VPS, then relocate using a single tick apparatus on the following ones.
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