Voxal Voice Changer

by NCH Software

Free, real-time voice changing software for games and other microphone-enabled software applications

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: NCH Software

Release: Voxal Voice Changer 4.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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By synchronizing with any application that includes a microphone, ck your gameplay and enriched audio experiences. As soon as Voxal is installed, all your settings will function. Vocal effects may be changed by adding background audio effects; switching your voice to another, or adding your own voice entirely. An audio library may also be added. With voice effects that allows you to hear characters' native sex, pitch, voice, and tone, you will be able to fully immerse yourself in your audiobooks. An audiobook conversation will be more intriguing if you whisper mystery and intrigue into your voice. Add a sense of class to your classroom projects by providing them with audio boosts. By incorporating this voice into your gaming avatar, your gaming experience will be an extremely immersive one.

Your other applications that require a lot of CPU memory can remain unaffected as Voxal does not eat a lot of your PC's processing power. You can play with the following tools to test your voice change as desired during previews. In addition to equalization, amplifiers, chorus, compressor, distortion, echo, Flangers, high passes, low passes, pitch shifting, vibrators, and vibrato, Wahs are included with amplifiers and basses.wah. After creating your desired effects, save them to an audio file and drag them to whatever device you prefer.

By setting your own hotkeys, you'll be able to hear your favorite audio effects and voices easily. It will take seconds for you to change your voice.

A wig disguises you when it comes to talking- do tricks that hide your voice-Get the best out of your game play with this time.

Commercial licenses are also available in reasonable prices and are free for home and personal use. You can save even more by purchasing Voxal packaged with one or more favorite programs. In addition to WavePad Sound Editor, MixPad Multitrack Mixer, Switch Sound Format converter, RecordPad Audio Recorder, and Zulu DJ Mixing Software, there are also several other products available.

· Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

· Works on Mac OS X 10.5 and above

jessica lynn diehm
Voxal works as soon as it’s installed. it has a feature that sound library is included to change the sex of voice, to change voice to someone o else entirely and to add background audio effects. Make audiobooks come alive with voice effects that will allow to hear the characters in their native sex, pitch, voice, and tone. Camouflage voice to add mystery and intrigue to audio communications. Give class projects an audio boost that will make them stand-out amongst classmates. Make your gaming avatar come alive with that voice hear in head when you are gaming.Voxal will not use a lot of computers processing power so that other CPU hungry applications will not be impacted by use of Voxal. Test voice changes with the Preview mode and change them as desired by using the following tools: In addition to equalization, amplifiers, chorus, compressor, distortion, echo, Flangers, high passes, low passes, pitch shifting, vibrators, and vibrato, Wahs are included with amplifiers and basses.wah. Once you have the desired effects, save them to an audio file and pull them up whenever user want.
Voxal voice changer is an excellent tool to use in-game when you’re wanting to disguise your voice or hide your identity to the person on the other end. The audio is also enriched and quality with no need for an expensive microphone. The application install is a pretty seamless function with little to no need to tweak any settings. With Voxal Voice Changer you’ll also have the option of choosing the gender of the voice you use as well as effects that control both pitch and tone.
Harris Greathouse
Its main purpose for Change your voice digitally for recorded sound files or online streams
The Voxal Voice Changing sofgtware for Windows is exactly what it sounds like, a voice changing software. It also has what many of these softwares do not, easy to use tools. It packs a heavy punch of voice changing features as well. You can apply effects in real time, and with a simple to us interface that makes the software so easy a baby can do it. Well, not really. You can use it while gaming, or just for chat if that's what your into. It is also compatible with several programs such as, Skype and Rainbow six Siege. It is available with many other programs as well. Download now, with the click of a button and you will be suprised in how much this thing can actually do. It is truly amazing.
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