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Volume2 is a program designed to replace the standard Windows volume control. By swiping their mousewheel or assigning keystroke shortcuts, users can tailor the sound level. Users have access to the application.With themes that can be removable, this interface is easy to use. In the notification panel, it only leaves behind its own stash. There will be an automatic setting of the standard volume indicator in step 6.

In addition to providing you with a balance between your right and left channels by clicking the icon above, you will also be able to determine when certain sound sources should be activated or deactivate, which allows the volume to immediately drop, etc. Clicking or double-clicking can be turned on if any of the previous actions occur.By clicking the right button, you will see this window open. In general, Volume2 is a useful free application, which will not be superfluous to install on your computer.

- A possibility for the program indicator to replace the standard indicator;

- A hotkey or combination of keys may be used to perform a specific action; omatically based or individually perictive to determine an action;

- In the notification panel, you'll choose the theme and type of icon to highlight.

- Integrated sound cards will be supported as well as all other sound cards.

Watching video/movies is a pleasure when using this program a lot. With you the volume can be changed more easily by short cuts and a mouse when you use both hands, so you won't have to constantly adjust it to fit into a comfort or warm position.
You will definitely enjoy Volume2. It gives you more control over your Windows volume. It is not necessary to update Windows OS as in Mac OS to fix the desktop brightness and volume options. Just reinstall the updated software to resolve the issue.
I love it! The software allows you to optimize the sound of your computer without much hassle. I will use this laptop on all my computers for this very reason: I will be able to keep up with the memory of my device to the point that my device runs at a top level.
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