Vocal Jam

by Vocal Jam

A powerful vocal effects processor and looping application

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Vocal Jam

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Vocal Jam is a program for those who like to sing karaoke and want to improve their vocal skills. The device enables the recording of a CD with an optical disc (CDs).R, DVD-With it, your household player will be able to navigate the songs with a convenient menu, which will serve you well.

Vocal Jam doesn't look very presentable on the outside. The program hasn't been supported for a long time, so its graphic shell hasn't changed for the last fifteen years. The program may also experience compatibility issues with new versions of Windows if it is not stable.

There are definitely some rich and valuable features hidden behind the archaic interface. There is a large library of popular songs that can easily be launched to perform and are designed to be easy to use. New songs are now available to add to the library in KAR, SVE, MID, and ST3. During Vocal Jam's recording process, you can determine how well vocals are recorded. It is saved in WAV (16 bits / 44 minutes).1 kHz). As well as static images in BMP and JPG formats, videos are also allowed as forms of visualization. The Vocal Jam user has the ability to control the pitch and tempo of songs using the keyboard shortcuts.

As mentioned above, Vocal Jam is not only for entertainment, but also for development purposes. Using a unique approach, "touchy" notes onscreen through simple vocal exercises and chants will help you develop musical hearing. Moreover, a spensereggio course is available.

- A ready-You can import your own song files into KAR, MID, SVE, or ST3 to build your own song library.

- Based on the recommendations provided in our voice recording process and performance evaluation standards t support for vocal recording and performance evaluation in points;

- Discs that play back Karaoke CDs & DVD's have a convenient menu to direct users;

- The purpose of each of the hing design;

- External MIDI devices can be used;

- Keys to play back songs using the tempo and pitch of them; uchs to control the tempo and pitch of songs being played back;

- Ready-Exercises to develop hearing in the ear and nose;

- It is possible to visualize karaoke videos in AVI format.

I think Vocal Jam would serve as an excellent resource for those who enjoy singing.
There's nothing better than vocal jam for musicians or makers who create art. At the same time, it provides you with the chance to perfect your audio.
Use it across Windows and Mac OS X to create beautiful effects for your projects."
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