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VNC is the server part of the utility for remote management and configuration of computers. It is installed on the computer that will be managed by the client side (called VNC Viewer). There are many devices and operating systems supported in VNC, as the software is compiled using the universal protocol RFB (Remote Framebuffer). This protocol supports many graphical environments, such as a Window Window for UNIX, Windows interfaces, and quartz compositors. The benefit of this is that you can access your Windows desktop using Ubuntu or other systems, manage your Raspberry Pi running on Android and control your computer in the same way you do on a smartphone.

Once the connection is established, the remote desktop can be mounted and operated just like your computer once it has been connected. The desktop can be connected based on the servers running on either the managed or managing computer. Passwords and 128-bit encryption are two of the ways to keep the connection safe.bit encryption. In order for the client to be responsive to your input/output, and not to interfere with the work of the user, the server allows users to disable keyboard input and mouse control (to minimize their workload by not doing so).mode, which means you are unable to make any changes to the settings while monitoring the user's actions. Administrators can use the program to manage printers on their networks (the installer can install the appropriate driver on site during installation). In order to prevent errors when operating the application, you may add the exception to firewall exceptions.

- There is a remotely managed device management system;

- Most major operating systems are supported by this software;

- Raspberry Pi supports a variety of hardware;

- easy control;

- Connection security for e a connection;

- 128-bit encryption support;

- Integrating into a multidisciplinary environment; working independently; using multiple tools.

- read-only mode.

Easily manages, configures and remotely controls many computers using our product. Being able to control your smartphones from a device is also an advantage. An encrypted security layer has been added to support end to end end users and really is user friendly. There is, however, the alternative of using that as a guide. Additionally, you can operate a printer network remotely. Love it!
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