VNC Viewer

by RealVNC Limited

An app for remotely accessing computers, compatible with Windows, Mac, and other OSs

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: RealVNC Limited

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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VNC Viewer is a unique client program designed to work with one or more remote computers. There is no need to waste time setting it up or opening it. As well as transferring mouse movements and keystrokes of the computer that the virtual keyboard has access to, it also displays information that is intended to be displayed over your device's video interface.

User connects to the remote computer and is directed directly to a desktop for doing what he wants at a certain time. VNC Viewer is very easy to use and you can connect to many other operating systems, such as Mac OS, Linux, Solaris. It is possible for several users to connect simultaneously to the internet. You can download and install versions of VNC Viewer in many ways. programs come from both Java and mobile operating systems.Although the functionality of these devices remains mostly the same, they are much less useful. In addition, a 64-bit edition and solution are available.There are versions of Windows for each bit that you can find.

- user-Friendly interface makes it easy to get up to speed with software, saving you time on each step.

- Multiple remote computers can be connected simultaneously;.

- Installation is easy, fast, and accurate;!

- It is possible to run operating systems from multiple operating systems simultaneously.

- Control of remote computers through your mobile phone.

- Distribute this product without charge.

The VPN viewer from VNC allows you to access your VPN remotely. Software like this is available online as well as in a mobile app. Even if you have to use a VPN while out of the country, it is impossible to miss work thanks to remote access. As well as ensuring security for your VPN information, the VNC viewer does the same for you.
Even people without much experience with computers who do not keep a friend or family member on the computer can benefit from this. Your friend can diagnose the problems on your computer via remote access.
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