by StudioCoast Pty Ltd

A video mixer and switcher used for production of live video.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: StudioCoast Pty Ltd

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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vMix is a modern multifunctional video mixer that makes it easy to compose high resolution video. Among the many functions it offers are graphic effects that enhance a video's visual impact and beautiful transitions from frame to frame, as well as many tools. You can install it in various formats, including DVD, Apple TV, AVI and MP3 and JPEG. Using it, you will be able to capture screen shots on remote computers, overlay images of the movie's finished look, record the finished movie on disk and work with the ready-to-use software.Then you'll create "a picture in a picture" from the templates.

In addition, vMix supports a wide variety of graphic effects. Among its other features are a set of video processing tools for adjustment of color balance, contrast, saturation, scale, sharpness, and others. Simple and beautiful in its user interface. As a result, there is no complaint about the performance of vMix.

- nice user interface;

- All the formats listed above can be played on the IAC Flash, WMV and QuickTime formats.

- Support for high-resolution videos;

- Multiple entrances and exits, but not all;

- The image can be output simultaneously from multiple computers and devices.

- Laptops have the capability to be remotely captured via the Internet :

- An automatic video processing system; an editing software for processing video.

- Each input can be turned into an audio mixer.

With the advent of streaming online, live was a much more acceptable option than most other services. The user interface is really archaic, it bugs me at all. I like that it runs quite well under the table, and is very feature-rich.I would definitely recommend them since other programs such as Streamlabs OBS can be quite time-consuming. They do come with a chroma key configured very well.
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