VLC Media Player

by VideoLAN

Great video player that's easy to install and can handle any type of media

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: VideoLAN

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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I've found VLC Media Player to be my favorite media player for the computer ever. The first I heard of it was when I download a video with an unknown, unfamiliar codec which led me to having a hard time finding. I found what that VLC Media Player was actually able to play that video file without me having that codec installed. Once I discovered VLC Media Player has the capability of playing virtually all videos I can throw at it without having to install any additional codecs or downloading them.

The program can be played, paused, stopped, stopped a media file or to skip to a different file in the list of tracks using standard controls.In any case, you'll be able to jump between chapters in the same way you can choose Ray. With its menus, you can also change the stereo settings between audio languages, adjust the camera angle and subtitles in any language on the disc. Flexibility enables you to do anything you wish on the fly!

It will let you adjust the playback speed of a damaged video or audio file so that it can be viewed and synced correctly. If a video or audio file has become damaged through malicious damage, VLC Media Player will do its best to fix it. The VLC Media Player gives users the ability to zoom in on the video to suit their needs. Besides that, it can create audio and video visualization with the slider puzzle tool and generate slider puzzles. VLC Media Player is very easy to download and use, and takes up nothing more than minimal desktop space, able to handle virtually any video format possible.

As long as there is no need for further codec installations, this video player can handle any type of video.

You won't be charged for the rest of the product, unless you make a donation. you can play your video player anywhere, anytime, with your favorite device. It works on a variety of operating systems including mobile ones.

Computers aren't really needed to install VLC Media Player since most computers can run it.

Robert Buck
The VLC Media Player is incredibly easy and convenient to use - and you won't need any special software or special knowledge to install it. It took me some time to figure out VLC Media Player because I am a PC novice. In my computer, video playing is very fast when using it. It's easier to use, and the laggy interface is less frequent. Whenever I'm asked whether I would recommend VLC Media Player, I offer a resounding yes.
Elle Jay
My favorite app is this! Every time I look at that orange cone on my face, I always smile. As one of the most reliable and versatile media players, VLC offers a vast range of functions - I love it! Many years ago, I used it for the first time. The player allows you to play almost any type of file. During my stay here I've played files that no other player would have any trouble with. Anyone would be happy to use this app highly recommended this app to absolutely everyone.
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You can download and install this program very easily. Most media types can also be incorporated. Having its own user interface and little to no time requirements make it the perfect software package for anyone. As well, videos you can pick from could also fit in it, so that you can take your pick wherever you go.
We are making this free and open to the public.allows users to access a vast variety of media files in a variety of formats using the source program. Others include Windows Media Player and others, but it is free to use. These files are designed to work with Windows and are perfect for watching video, listening to music, or streaming content on a PC or laptop.
Jake Curtis
great software. easy to navigate. great features. It is not too flashy with color.
There's the VLC media player (available for Windows 8 and 7) that's ready to use.The Windows program can organize your hard videos and mp3 files for the arranging into songs for downloading or copying and copying the media files for the editing function it also runs a program called Outlook Express. This keeps it simple and easy and allows you to use it to edit video, photos, music
Media players such as VLC, Firefox, and Opera are all native to this open source solution. was able to stream music over the Internet long before I shut down my PC and Android devices. Almost anything can be used with it. My PC now has only one installed player instead of all those others. The GUI is something I love. I have no idea what to do with it, and it is intuitive. This product was my favorite the first time I tried it.
This media player is a great software for players of video.Since it runs on all major operating systems including Windows, Android, iOS, Unix, Mac OS and Linux, it qualifies as an open source application.Almost all digital devices had it installed. Media player application in the form of VLC is being developed by VideoLAN. You can also use this program to convert audio, video, and image files.All of your documents are turned in to their original quality using this application. In addition, it has a more convenient way to watch movies on laptops, computers and mobile phones.
The client supports. It allows the user to access all files.The number of files in the.vcl format is so huge, making this format a necessity. It is also high in quality. Fortunately, for all concerned, the app can be quite easy to use.
Because I found VLC so powerful, I am now using it quite often. The solution I needed was a quick and easy one for an experienced user like me when I switched to Windows and I wanted them to experience the best. All my attempts at it have gone without a hitch so far. old CDs - there is still a large amount of media I use.I haven't had a problem so far withRWs. Highly recommended.
Top notch software for watching videos and movies that can be accessed online, used and enjoyed widely.
I have been using VLC since the summer of 2008. A lot of new features have been incorporated into the latest version of the app. This is an entirely new interface with a brand new interface. By default, the playback speed with Vlc isn't set, but thanks to its feature that you can set that to the desired speed by uninstalling KM player. Furthermore, VLC is extremely configured and supports all of its features.
The VLC media player is an easy-to-use and free software that allows you to stream your movies. Software is available for use on a wide variety of devices and platforms, along with supporting a variety of file formats. There are many tools in this package that allow you to load cds, dvds, and other media formats and to make watching them as easy as possible.
The name of VLC Media Player for Windows indicates exactly what it is. Almost all digital music that is commonly available is available, except in the form of this file. The answer is yes, but not just MP3 and video files. CDs and DVDs can also be played on this computer. As for the interface, it feels almost like the original internet programming I used in the 1990s, with its intuitive controls and retro interface. Also made by non-alcoholic sources is this alcoholic beverage.It is completely free and free from profit organization to me, so I don't sense I'm being ripped off.
All types of other media can work best with this media player. , but's free app to use! You can skip, rewind, and scrub videos with it. It is possible to toggle your media viewing in full screen if you need to. If you prefer to watch your DVDs on PC in quality, this app is right up your alley.
The VLC media player plays videos on all computers because it's free of charge. DVD play and downloaded videos are all supported; as well as filmed and downloaded videos. As well as playing CD's, it provides music files. This tool will work on many types of devices including phones, tablets, laptops, and many more. Almost every file on VLC is calibrated automatically behind the scenes so that you can watch the videos at hand.
I cannot imagine playing another video player without VLC Media player.Favorite Windows program for a long time. In addition to playing video and other types of media, the app lets you share videos with friends, and stream them in or download them too. CDS,DVD,ETC are other options it can select. You should highly recommend this site! I'm amazed there aren't any other players like this s of this out there at all!
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