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Operating system: Windows

Publisher: vkfox.io

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Last revision: Last week

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VKfox is a very practical and easy-to-use plug-Using this browser, which can be used by Firefox, Chrome, as well as Opera and other browsers. By tracking and notifying users about all new messages, comments, likes and content posted on their friends lists, as well as about people leaving their contacts list from the network, you help keep them connected in all kinds of ways. Additional features of VKfox include the ability to view, confirm or reject requests for friendships, invitations to various groups or meetings, reply to private messages, add comments to other people's posts, create your own posts on the wall and much more.

As a result, this extension has a wonderful feature: it lets users make a complete set of commands through the virtual machine, so no matter where you are, whether or not they are authorized in VKontakte. Therefore, all of your activities can be performed directly from your browser, without having to be present in the social network. With the plugin, new events will only be controlled while you are on the page waiting for new notifications. By turning off or modifying new message volume and beep, you can better manage your message notifications as part of your extension settings. As well as denying notifications if they don't appeal to the user, an option exists to enable them and remove unwanted comments if that is not what the user is looking for. In that location, simply click on the "Unsubscribe" button beneath "Other" (or "Unsubscribe") in the settings menu.

VKfox does not contain any advertising, except for a small amount. Almost exclusively, Yandex will be used for installation. It is possible, however, to opt out of additional advertising during the installation process if you wish.

The software is very attractive to many users, especially those using VKontacte, Chrome, social networks, etc. It can help with many of your tasks. A great aspect is the fact that you can access it free of charge. There will be many interested in attempting this if it is not useful.
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