by VkDuty

This will help you boost the number of likes on Vkonakte, a social media network

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: VkDuty

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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VkDuty is a free program that allows you to increase the number of likes at the posts in the social network VKontakte. More views can be seen, recomposted or the recompost count can be increased. Friends and subscribers may also receive messages. A feature that allows the user to play with VK statistics is also available. A new feature is the automatic addition of comments to publications from your readers. With this tool you can quickly advertise VKontakt pages, groups, or public pages with ease.

Program offers many benefits, but it does require very little effort to learn and is easily adaptable no matter who they are. It is designed with an "at least clicking" interface, with all basic functions being automatic - and all the basic features are available. from the user it is required to choose action and to specify the reference to the necessary object. VkDuty uses only legal promotion methods based on automatic exchange of friendly actions between users: Friends and subscribers can add someone else as a fan, fan, a post, a vote, etc. VkDuty is all powered by live users; no bots were used. Furthermore, the program is SSL encrypt with SSL and stores user logins and passwords, both of which should be mentioned.

In addition to normal functionality of VkDuty Pro, advanced users may also be able to choose from options for creating unique comments and special filters (based on their avatar, their hometown and other preferences). It also has a task scheduler that allows you to work on several tasks at the same time according to schedule in the professional version.

The product is great for increasing social media's popularity, and can be also used by increasing friends and votes, as well as reposting on social media sites. Users should be able to master the program easily, as it is extremely simple to use.
I have never used kDuty before, so I didn't expect it to look as good as it does, however it appears to be a legit, secure encryption by SSL, as well as non-login information.
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