by Vivaldi Technologies

A web-browser which allows high customization and using advanced tools

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Vivaldi Technologies

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Vivaldi is a browser created by developers from the team who worked on the legendary Opera. The main purpose of the developers of this browser is to create as little as possible "greedy" to system resources product. In this respect, Vivaldi even at the current stage of pre-Tests show the new browser downloads pages faster than Google Chrome despite being tested differently.

Opera has a very similar interface to that of Opera, so it's not really a strange design. It's immediately apparent right away that there are an enormous number of functions available, especially when you see the large scaling slider. But, despite the presence of such an ad-hoc panel, Vivaldi does not seem overwhelmed by the information. The space available here is adequate for displaying the content.

The new "player" provides users a handy new tool, Quick Commands, which can be used together with the Win + G combination to perform simple commands in browser. can be updated in the background, provide a "hybrid" search string, and lets you create thematic groups easily. However, don't forget that your focus right now will be on the test version that contains interesting chips in the future, as per the Vivaldi creators.

- In the world, web browsers undemandingly run system resources on one machine per second.

- Provides access panels to basic functions and web resources; ccess panels to basic functions and web resources;

- Completely modern; doesn't consist of unnecessary panels or elements.

- This book introduces the notion of groupings of your favorite sites according to themes ng your favorite sites into thematic groups;

- With this software, you can load your documents quickly and easily.

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