by Vistumber

An advanced Access Point scanner for Windows above the market competitors.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Vistumber

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Vistumbler for Windows is a breath of fresh air in a modern world of people looking for internet access. You have all the benefits of Wi-Fi you have been requesting.The Fi scanner can be used in place of your usual phone, plus many little extras you have no idea you need. The best part is that it isn't expensive. By choosing to donate, we have the ability to help and support this developer, so if you do like our services, don't hesitate to do so. There is a Git repository so that you can report problems and make requests for features, or there are cloning options for developers that want to expand on the software. Additionally, the program comes with language packs to ensure you use it effectively in your local tongue. In addition to the numerous advantages of this interface, it provides a table that provides the specifications that include channel, the Mac address, status, coordinates, the network type, and strength and other things related to encryption as well. With our compass you can accurately see the direction the access point is going. In this case, the strongest possible signal is obtained. On the main GUI, you can view the full list of available GPS data. Internet Explorer with basic knowledge can use it easily enough to explore the internet with such advanced possibility.


  • Access points may be exported to Google Earth using GPS information.
  • Signal Strength can be transmitted using sound files by it.
  • Open source, free.
  • Windows 10 and 8, 7, Vista should be able to run.
  • Lightweight, only 6.Having a large memory and CPU will help you get faster results.

Finally, I believe that its competitors lag far behind it on this point in regards to wi-fi usage.How to find a Fi access point. This program offers an infinite number of features, and its user interface is incredibly simple. So much so that it is practically like getting help from me. An open source program won’t give you any further value if there is no price.This is what source markets charge: nothing for products. You will gain the desired benefits from paying high, so feel free to donate.Their competitors will find it difficult to compete.

It's Open Source!
  • .NET v4 framework required.
  • Windows operating system
Vistumbler v10b5 (5.01 MB)
Vistumbler b5 10 (5.01 MB)
Vistumbler 9.4 (2.74 MB)
An excellently-designed tool, the vistumbler!! I feel this would be accessible to everyone, and age at all! If you have something to do on the last minute, but do not want to download iOS files, this application might be helpful.
There are a few things you might have in common with Vistumbler, including when trying to coordinate your location. Additionally, I love that it is open source and free so it is useful for anybody, whether that be for the simple reason of being free or for financial gain as they are
Logan Stallings
This tool can be used to find a strong wireless signal so you can go online. It basically scans the internet connections in the area and identifies the strongest wifi connections. As you had a good understanding of which WiFi connections were present in your area, it also allowed you to browse around for more details.
Wireless networks can be scanned with Vistumbler for Windows by using a wireless analyzer. There will be all of the information you need for that network, since the network can deduce where access points are, determine and verify any network configurations, and detect unauthorized access points. By doing so, you will be able to easily visualize all this information.
The Vistumbler tool detects Wi-Fi networks in use around the device that can be real. You may need to connect the connection yourself when things don't go as planned. With this software available on your gadget, there is also a useful feature.
Application software scanner Vistumbler is recommended when scanning for Wireless networks. This program is run with the autoIT system. In addition to identifying points and providing detailed information about wireless services, it uses the Windows native WiFi API. This application software mainly assists in mapping and visualizing specific wireless access points within a certain area. All Windows Operating Systems supported by this application are. Microsoft .It requires a NET application on top of its system performance to ensure better operation of the net.
It's a great wireless network scanner that Windows users can use. With this product you will be able to locate wireless and GPS access points in your region based on the wireless traffic in your area. Windows 10 and previous versions of Windows can also be used. A good display, which displays a GPS map as accurate as a Google map with network traffic mapping out. GUI is easy to use, excellent, and helpful.
Using the Vistrumbler, you are able to scan your WiFi network and determine the local strength and signal location in your area. Field workers can therefore troubleshoot local access points used by providers, and people who have an open connection in their area may want to consider Shaw communication.
While there is no doubt Vistumbler is a popular application with many users, it can have a solid niche in automatic scanning their surrounding WiFi WiFi access points for them. There are few downsides to the product's design and easy to use function.
Wireless wireless for simple scanning for SSIDs, strength, and channel - that works on both. The strength of this system lies in its simplicity. We provide an open source version of this program. Not great visualizations. I highly recommend GPS support. When scanning for networks, it is best to isolate all access points and turn them off. There is plenty of information about each in this book. In terms of performance, the device doesn't seem to work with many different hardware types.
Wireless communications are scanned using Vistumbler for Windows. Wireless data may be used to map out all of your accessible points, depending on the language used. Its main purpose is to determine which wireless access points are nearby. With the Windows Native WiFi API, this information can be fetched. If you want to run a great program with ease and make sure that tasks get done with efficiency, it is a good one.
For the last month, I've used this software. Users are always impressed with the user interface. The wireless access points around us can be scanned and we can connect to them as necessary by using this feature. Besides the fact that this application supports GPS, you can now view maps of all of your GPS locations by dragging and dropping. There are times when it does not work properly on Windows 7 and it will only act if the system is restarted.
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