Virtual Serial Port Driver

by Eltima Software

Connects two serial communications applications. This makes it possible for virtual COM ports to trade data.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Eltima Software

Release: Virtual Serial Port Driver 9.0.575

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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In addition to test and develop serial port software using Virtual COM Port Drivers, you can do it with a virtual machine instead. As well as debugging, they also work great. Having a Multi interfaces solution in mind if you plan on increasing the amount of virtual COMs will be the answer you're looking for. The Windows version of VCPD for Windows runs just fine even if you have no real serial ports installed on your computer. Through a null-Connecting via VCPD uses two virtual serial interfaces, so your computer can make simultaneous connections. Besides being able to use it as a stand-alone product, you also have the option of integrating it with the one that you currently use. Having a professional version of the VCPD allows for the ability to split and pair serial port data streams, add multiple ports to port bundles, or create SerialPort switchers which can search free COM ports for you automatically.

As a second great benefit to this product, there is no need for any additional hardware or cable during installation or usage.

COM ports are not required to be attached. In every way possible, the virtual ports mimic the actsion ports will emulate ACTUAL ports in every way possible. The difference between the two will not be known to any application you are using. In addition to the high rate of data transfer, there is also less waste of data. It usually takes between 10 and 20 seconds for ports to send and receive data. In addition to matching the speed of your device or application, the Port Driver makes it extremely easy for you not to have to worry about it falling short of a speed setting. It is also possible to use these port drivers to connect to any hardware signal line. It will make it possible for you to select any connection type that you like. In addition to removing your virtual ports, your Driver will automatically create new ones as well. Your software testing process will be greatly improved with the product.

Using two serial communications modules to operate together is possible.

On one huge benefit specifically for the Pro version of this product, however, is that you can add dozens of virtual COM ports at once. Instead of splitting your single port bundle up into two usual sides, there won't be a conflict between the two sides: The downgrade of the VAMC affects the status of the OV: IN and OUT. if you install the pro you will automatically transmit a master port from one port to another without needing to use the real world. Data can easily be exchanged with as many devices and applications as you wish; again, I highly recommend installing the VIDIA COM Port Driver for Windows Pro version if you need access to this feature.

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