Virtual Piano

by ButtonBass

Allows for a fun virtual piano experienceon windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ButtonBass

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Virtual Piano is a pretty simple program that lets you play the piano right on your computer and mix your previous recordings. The only way to do this is to use your keyboard, mouse and fantasy, not an app.

A set of percussion instruments as well as a trio of piano sounds are also available as additions to the piano sounds. - Another important advantage is that right away, you can choose and download other developer apps. A virtual guitar, a synthesizer, and so on. During application development, two areas intersect: A working area and a work interface. Besides allowing and disabling additional functions, in the upper part, you'll also find 48 piano keys: There are 28 white ense 20 black (half)There are four octaves (tones) which are equal to four. Computer keyboards are made up of letters connecting each key to a corresponding letter on their respective sides.Using the Shift button and keys holding numbers, tones are controlled.

A lot of additional things can be accomplished using the program - you can use it to loop parts of the record that have been copied together and mix them together with old recordings, you can appoint chords on keys, you can get microphone and social networks the records have previously been published. In addition, Virtual Piano has a learning mode in which you can learn several works: During the process of picking melodies, the program will mark the necessary steps, or alphabetical progression.

- The music in this section is composed of instruments such as the organ and percussion.

- Different effects can be obtained by using different combinations.

- playback capabilities; );

- This metronome is built with a timer and can be controlled with headphones.

- The stage when teaching and learning melodies together.

There's absolutely no doubt that I absolutely adore Virtual Piano. I believe this is the best virtual piano I've seen to date. My piano lessons are made easier since I know the keys as I am not right next to the piano and can also access digital music sheets that will help me move my learning forward to a digital level. I find that it gives me a great deal of freedom when deciding what songs to play and We recommend this software to anyone who is especially interested in piano study or who does not play music and needs a piano to do that.
Student in music, I really enjoy this gem software; on my cell phone I have the same program, in any gadget it is best to use it as it uses the highest quality sound that is created by the software, this is in fact why i think Windows gems are so popular.
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