Virtual Audio Streaming

by ShiningMorning

Streaming content for windows applications

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ShiningMorning

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Last revision: Last week

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Virtual Audio Streaming is a program that emulates your computer's sound card and allows you to record and broadcast sound to the Internet. Virtual Audio Streaming can work with local audio files, use a microphone, record sound from games, browsers, chat rooms, internet radio, etc. With this application you can, for example, record conversations in Skype (with or without your own voice) and then transfer the sound to an MSN messenger. It is also useful for extracting audio from video files and removing DRM protection using files protected by WMA. In addition to providing automatically recognizing audio in the audio stream, Virtual Audio Streaming saves the data as WAV files that are transferred to multiple formats. The microphone sounds used by online services and voice chats usually cannot be used. Audio Streaming can bypass this restriction, which allows you to hear music, sound effects, or anything else you want via a Virtual Audio Streaming. Also, the program combines all sounds into one stream to let you send voice chat with a range of voices, including those of your favorite singers. Furthermore, Virtual Audio Streaming lets two programs connect for the creation of a virtual audio channel. With RealPlayer directly-converting the audio from one channel to another with the support of MP3 Encoder, there is no loss of quality.

- Use your computer's microphone and record audio, and any application running on your computer;

- Streaming sound to web streaming services and microphone tions and voice chats;

- The redirection of sound between the audio components of one program (without affecting its quality).

- You can extract the audio of the video by using this process.

For someone who regularly streams, I believe this could potentially prove useful. It might not be useful in that case; however I will not utilize it. may be able to live stream using other audio sources besides microphone audio for it.
With ShiningMorning's Virtual Audio Streaming application, Windows computers can produce an instant sound card that you can listen to on your computer. Using this method makes it possible for your existing sound card to further enhance its capability, as well as adding an option for recording and streaming anything that your system is playing. The program makes Windows sound recordings easier by using a microphone, a media player, or an external device, and it is even able to fix the "no stereo mix" problem in Windows 7 and Vista by using the program. There is a 30-day trial version; the audio "watermark" on the output indicates it is a trial version.
Using Virtual Audio Streaming for Windows, you can enjoy live virtual audio from your laptop. It doesn't matter what sounds you make through your sound card; you can record, modify, and broadcast them to the web. The broadcast channels can be controlled while the audio streams; select the location where you want to listen to it.
We named Shining Morning's Virtual Audio Streaming for Windows after a classic music file. A developer and audio expert will have the perfect opportunity to record sound with an app this morning. Using Windows 7 sound recording does not allow for using stereo mixing by other software. How do you get in on it? offers an efficient way to switch audio card types and ensures optimal audio quality. In comparison to similar solutions, this software is the best value for what its worth for money and you may be able to test it yourself for yourself with the features it offers, including connecting with other devices, recording and broadcast sounds.
This product is excellent! Before using it, I found my YouTube videos were playing audio that was scratchy and uncomazoning. However, when I use this product, the audio on my videos is much better and comes with clean sound. Would recommend for all those who are not feeling well all that need a boost on the audio!
Keeping all audio recordings for your Windows PC is easy with Virtual Audio Streaming for Windows, which records all audio from your computer in a single file. You can record your own voice and many other things, as well as listen to your own music. You can install it using either 32 or 64 bits of Windows 8 and 7. Installing this program in your computer is a great idea.
With The Virtual Audio Streaming for Windows app installed, that won't keep on happening; you can send recordings of what's played on your phone directly to another person. All content played on a PC, when installed by the Application, will be sent by sound cards on your device. Any type of play on your PC can be recorded by this program. If you are running this app, you may need a little knowledge of what to do with sound components. Due to this, you are responsible for setting the proper input and output lines for the application. A great application for your own use, of course.
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