Virtual Audio Cable

by Eugene Muzychenko

Audio can be transferred from one application to another.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Eugene Muzychenko

Release: Virtual Audio Cable 4.60

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Virtual Audio Cable is a fun and interesting bit of software. Through this software, sound created through an application can be transitioned into an audio input for another application. It is unique since it does not require any other tools, such as a microphone, in the program. If you were to do this without the software, you would need speakers, a microphone, and other accessories to ensure an exceptionally high sound quality. Virtual Audio Cable eliminates all of that.


  • Integrating audio directly into the application makes it simple.
  • It is not necessary to add any additional equipment.
  • Free to use.
  • One-click easy installation and set up.

One of the highlights of Virtual Audio Cable is a unique Windows integration which can lead users to get th different windows integration that might catch users off guard. Whenever the users use the software a virtual cable actually shows up the applications you are using. Initially, this might seem strange, but once you start seeing it works, it becomes easier to accept. Now that I have gotten past this, let me move on to the next point. Sometimes learning Virtual Audio Cable is not an easy task. The reason for this is due to the fact it operates quite strange. Adding to this is the absence of an elaborate tutorial either. If you'd like to learn the basics, I suggest looking into user made courses on other websites. The use of Virtual Audio Cable should not be restricted to specific applications. Virtual Audio Cable will not function on anything that doesn't offer custom audio input or output sources. If you choose to use Virtual Audio Cable, keep in mind that your computer can easily exceed those minimum requirements to prevent any audio quality problems you may encounter. Most often, this is due to a stutter or popping sound experienced during setup. To put it simply, anything higher than 4GB of ram is fine, except for the software I've installed for that.

The application does not require anything to be updated or special settings for the transfer of audio.
Farid Rajabi
Almost no equipment is required, which makes it very interesting.Each of the programs needs a special hardware for operation.Thanks to this app, you will have a game that is very interesting, fun and free to download.It is worth taking a try since it is the best way to learn.
James Pulliam
I love it because it allows you to stream audio from one application to another, has high-quality audio, and does not lose data (at least I think so). Would totally recommend it!
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