VIPole Secure Messenger

by Jambusi Corp.

Instant messaging application with superior security for your privacy and protection

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Jambusi Corp.

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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VIPole is a secure messenger application that is available ON Windows, macOS and Linux. Take your protection and security on the go on your mobile phone as well no matter what kind of phone you have. VIPole takes your privacy to the next level with a solid foundation of protection with strong encryption algorithm. provides the user with their own unique encryption key as part of its application.

It's time to find out if your friends and coworkers aren't knowing the stuff you're chatting about with them on the creepy messenger app. Adverts from these companies help you find out. VIPole provides three security levels with an improved version of SSL called Transport Layer Security (TLS). In another word, your data is protected end to end between applications over the Internet.

For business owner, VIPole also let the user to have full control over the data transfer and storage within the application. Furthermore, administrators who run user management extension have full control over user communication and internal communication within an enterprise. This app is in comparison to Google Hangout.

For individuals, it got two versions which are free and pro. There is still 1 GB of storage available with the free version, though it is still protected and encrypted. Nonetheless, the pro version had additional features such as screen sharing and the ability to search the entire message history. For $5, you can purchase a Pro version.99 per month and it is billed annually.

You are able to use the team version of software for small teams, startups, or businesses. Administrators can find a wealth of information about how to manage user accounts and billings. It would cost $10 per team member per month for the team version.

For the enterprise version, it included all the functions from the other version but with much more functions such as a unified admin tool, system monitoring, and a dedicated account manager. Since this is serious business, it best to contact VIPole before setting it up since it is getting technical.

Provides three layers of security to protect user data and privacy

  • Instant messaging and group chats
  • Voice and video calls
  • Video conferencing
  • File transfer and storage
  • Make calls to mobiles and landlines for your computers
  • Voice ail messaging
  • A different plan tailored to your needs
According to its name, VI Pole Secure Messenger is very secure messenger software. Software that allows users to interact with another person through group talking. This is a secure place that allows for the safe and secure storage of data. A large amount of information is protected by this encryption program. As far as audio quality while using video conferencing is concerned, it is excellent.As for clarity, they are very clear indeed.With the feature of group chats and group calling from vipole, you can enjoy it greatly. Different purposes should be explored here. All of these files can also be accessed from anywhere. Mobile phone users can also use it.
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