VicMan Photo Editor

by VCW

The Image Editor makes it simple to use. Installation should not deselect extras; check the item's anti-doping checkbox.virus program

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: VCW

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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VicMan Photo Editor is a program that is a very convenient graphic editor and is an analogue of the famous Photoshop. In addition to the standard features like adjusting colors and rotating lassoes, removing selected objects, inserting a text with a gradient and removing text, it runs various effects such as a color wash and a gradient, among other functions. VicMan Photo Editor is able to recognize and work with more than 30 image formats.

Despite making it sound like it's comparable to Photoshop,VicMan Photo Editor's operating modes aren't the same that Photoshop users are used to. In this program, you will not need a complicated license as you will be able to edit your photos easily.
It took VicMan's photo editing team over four years to correct a flaw. Since this is not an alternative to photoshop, I do not recommend its use. You may be better off with an older version of Windows than with 12 year old software which was last updated through VISTA. You can either pay for Photoshop or find an alternative that will work.
When buying photo editing software and the product is very good, consider the quality of the software. It is simple to install and use this software, and the features offered are incredibly convenient. If every one chose to install this software, this software can be utilized very smoothly.
Easy to use but still sophisticated photo editing program that people may not yet be familiar with.
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