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A cloud base software used for modeling, drafting and documentation to render applications in the construction process

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Vectorworks

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Vectorworks can take your ideas, dream, and concepts from the drawing board to a real application, with many great design tools included, all in one interface. Users can benefit from this program with ease and at an affordable cost.


  • 3D Modeling and Sculpting
  • 2D Drafting tools
  • Easy Modeling, faster rendering of documents
  • Share applications
  • Increased overall productivity
  • Many Tools in one application
  • Space Planning Tools

You have the ability to take your ideas and concept designs and edit directly with Vectorworks, versus the traditional editing programs of Photoshop or Illustrator. If you choose vectorworks, you can program your presentation work boards the same way as if you were designing your concept. The 3D and BIM modelling methods will allow you to create high quality 2D drawings fast. When you click a button to select a room, the plan can be displayed, including its height and layout. Import from other compatible programs for building or vectorworks files for objects to make manufacturer objects. Providing a vivid and realistic architectural drawing is as easy as choosing the right tool from the wide selection available to create that result. You'll enjoy using this highly intuitive CAD program by combining design concepts and drawing ideas via a mouse motion. By using this platform, clients, contractors, and other interested parties can easily understand the design of the project and decide what changes must be made if any are needed. The purpose of this platform is to interpret accurate measurements or coordinates of a given site. This differs from many other tools since it works with real survey data. It's pretty simple to install many of your prior vectorworks packages.This program allows you to convert existing programs and file formats into one easy file format. Having a comprehensive, color-coded map of what our clients and contractors desire right on our site will change the game drastically.

By combining the functionalities of four applications, you can create everything at one time.


  • 64 bit Intel core I5 or greater or comparable processor
  • 4GB ram+
  • Compatible graphics card with at least 1GB VRAM

sam dow
By combining the functionalities of four applications, you can create everything at one time.
Educators and students have access to highly customizable educational design programs such asVectorworks. Most windows platforms support it. makes it convenient to plan and transmit detailed specifications for any kind of project you may have. You may be able to use the software completely. Architect functions, landmarking, and spotlighting are some of the functions included in the platform. Educational editing has never been easier with this really powerful program. A lot of people highly recommend it.
This software makes sharing information a lot more convenient and efficient for everyone, it makes for a lot of benefits for everyone. Software of this kind is so effective since they are well-made. I needed a sharing program in my life at a whole new level; this one is simply amazing and i have no doubt that i'll use it soon from now on.
With its new program, Apple, which is known worldwide for its cell phones and tablets, is helping people come up with new ideas that become digital assets. Using this software, such as Vectorworks, allows you to perform amazing feats of force on your screen with the most intuitive interface available. With this Apps for your Beginners Program, you can use graphics cards running at 2d speed and can use computer hardware with decent graphics performance since these apps include construction blueprints.
Its features range from landscaping to architectural design to event layout and staging. It may be appropriate for you if such a tool is what you need. We provide cover not just for small or big projects, but for every requirement.
For Windows, Vectorworks for Windows comes together the best of simplicity and sophistication. Building, landscape and entertainment designs are all seamlessly integrated with one another. You can design an entire space, as well as the entire floor plan and lighting, while controlling the appearance and feel of your designs in vectorworks. You can use rgeworks to complete all your design activities and take advantage of twoD, 3D,BIM, and rendering. You'll use it by around six hundred thousand professionals around the globe.
There are many different industries where Vectorworks can be used, including architecture, engineering, landscape, and entertainment. Whether you want to design architecture, stage and light design, or basic 2D/3D modeling, you will have so many options in terms of the software. There has always been a Revit program installed on my computer. It's a simple program that can be used by anyone, and Vectorworks is easy to use. It seems only a few companies utilize it.
Although I work a lot in the design field, I would like to express what a lifesaver vectorworks is for me and so many of my coworkers. Even though I cannot imagine going back to my old software, which is being updated yearly, I will never do so with Vectorworks.
I use Vectorworks 2022 for Windows, and I find it to be excellent as a theme and it runs well on older hardware. There is a hardware for Windows 10, and it will also be useful for small projects with little technical knowledge.
It is possible to have virtually unlimited control over how drawings look and organizes their set of drawings with Vectorworks for Windows. This program is a truly impressive selection in terms of drafting software. Featuring an extensive selection of features and functions, this is an intuitive CAD system. Furthermore, VectLogin gives you peace of mind knowing your experience with excellent customer service and that you will be part of a collaborative community, too. Adding this program to your workflow will be an excellent way to increase efficiency dramatically.
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