by Incendo Technology

Control your PC using your phone or tablet

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Incendo Technology

Release: Vectir

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Vectir is a very useful, powerful program that allows you to control your Windows PC with your phone over your WiFi network, through Bluetooth or infrared. The user interface is intuitive, as well as fast in making sense of how you can control your PC using your phone on your PC.


  • Remotely view and control computer desktop
  • Mouse control
  • Keyboard control (including function keys)
  • Media player remote
  • PowerPoint remote
  • Streaming remote
  • Built-in remotes for popular applications
  • Build your own custom remotes for any Windows application
  • Works with Microsoft Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8 or 10

Vectir (by Incendo Technology) uses WiFi, Bluetooth or infrared to turn your phone or tablet into a remote control that allows you to remotely view and control your computer desktop; Input a keyboard and mouse to your computer; Windows applications such as media players, Chrome, Netflix, Spotify, Plex, YouTube, iTunes, VLC Player, Winamp, Kodi, and more can be controlled and opened by the Start menu.

As with Amazon Fire TV devices, Vectir comes with built-in remote controls for popular applications (Chrome, Netflix, Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, Kodi, etc. ) for Windows users to work with. This free version provides volume control, system control, application control, custom remotes for remote menu navigation, desktop control and can control computers by using IR commands as well. These include: All of these benefits are included in the paid version. It offers unlimited remote access, unlimited remote control commands per remote, unlimited group controls per remote, PowerPoint notes feature, sending IR commands, and does not run ads.

Any application that uses your phone or tablet to connect to your desktop computer can now be controlled via a custom remote.

Vectir is an invaluable tool in giving a great PowerPoint presentation because you are in total freedom; Your guests can have a good time if you DJ their party or dinner. Watch movies on a couch or in your favorite chair; Organize all your tasks and conversations through the bathroom, kitchen or anywhere else in your home.

Microsoft is required for use of framework 4.An Intel Pentium D 1.6GHz or higher processor, 0GB of RAM, 512MB of RAM, and 16 GB of hard drive is recommended.

A connection to a Bluetooth remote control device is necessary to use Vectir. Vectir supports WiFi remote control, but the connection must be Wi-Fi enabled. In order to use Vectir Remote Control, you should have compatible IR hardware.

Ryan O'Neil
The Vectir pill will do just fine with my PC as well. One thing that isn't known is whether one remotely controlling the device can complete all of the tasks listed in this article. This device works when you use three different connection technologies, so I feel confident about its compatibility. There are no denying that WiFi, Bluetooth and smartphones can't go wrong.
Cheryl Conaway
Can't sit still when staring at a screen? With Vectir, you can now control a tablet or Bluetooth device by checking the box beside your screen. Kids should be able to control their computer by using technology like this so that they can visit safe websites. There's no need to replace your keyboard if you experience keyboard trouble on your computer.
It is easy for you to remotely monitor your desktop and see what is happening from a far distance with the Vectir software. Using a multipurpose remote allows you to control a lot of things like video or music, and I sometimes like that it looks nice when I use it at parties or other types of entertainment, as well.
wonderful product that I was thrilled to find. I have always wanted my computer remote control over the phone. The process is extremely simple and easy. ads are present in the free version, but they are not very effective. My iPhone is great at allowing me to access my laptop using vectir, which is excellent at this function.
Using your Motorola Android phone's remote control, you can control it. Easily and conveniently control your favorite smartphone and tablet with this device. An easy way to use a mouse and keyboard thanks to the wireless connection. Get the latest software and free downloads. It can not only ease one's daily activities, but can also help them relax since Vectir remote control makes it convenient for doing so as well. One of a kind product that allows many people to surf the net in a fun and accessible manner.
can be used to remote-access to a Windows system (PC, tablet, etc.). You can access the machine from your phone by first setting it up for simplicity (but not too trivial). Users can benefit from the tool if they are away from the machines, remote, or traveling in nature. a variety of features. There is the mouse and keyboard controls as well as display mirroring and streaming. Overall, the feedback was very positive.
Adam Spence
The bottom of the page had good reviews, too. Due to my general tendency to do this, I find that reviews from companies are more likely to be useful if I get access to them before I buy anything else. Despite its complexity, features are well-documented, and colors have good placement.
Having spent a lot of time looking for applications that enable me to get the keyboard strokes to control my computer, I find it so useful. My PC mouse can be configured for full-power mouse movement including clicking, right-clicking, dragging and scrolling, pannyming and zooming with these apps. Having multiple monitors is one of the best things about this system. If you're considering buying the full version, the features it offers are much better than those offered in the free version.
The first time I ever tried Vectir, I was so excited. For a remote control PC app (such as a mouse, media player, or wireless network) this product lives up to expectations. The best part is you can now download iOS version too. It is available for download from the site.
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