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Operating system: Windows

Release: VCF Viewer 1.1

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Last revision: Last week

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VCF Viewer is a program that allows the user to transfer contact information more efficiently.


  • A person who gathers a bunch of contacts in one location with specific information about the contact information may find themselves in the uncomfortable position of picking the contact information When users need to move contact information between operating systems, VCF Viewer is an application that provides them with tools to do so more efficiently. A, when the contact information is saved.Find and select the vcf file that can be quickly located and controlled. as a saved contact.The file can easily be imported with the vCFA export program.
  • Programs like this can be run by various platforms or on different kinds of operating systems like Mac OS. Using the program, users can convert contacts from their Microsoft Outlook into other people's email addresses.vcf files. These files can be saved and used throughout multiple operating systems and allow efficient use of time.
  • Other than storing information via operating systems, other contact information can be uploaded or extracted from email services like Google, Yahoo, or Hotmail. The email's contact information can be extracted if it is needed and exported as a set of contacts.Emailing services are adapted to doing what is needed of them at the time which would allow contact information to be imported if the information cannot be stored elsewhere.
  • Other services can be utilized besides contact as VCF. While it can be used via multiple platforms, it is also possible to save files on a user's media (media) or image database. Creating a business card or creating a resume to send these are just two of the advantages you can gain from this. You can store and extract this information in many ways, either privately or professionally.

VCF Viewer specifically for windows is a worldwide platform that allows users to collect and send information to one another.

Various platforms can be utilized by the software. This means that it can collect and send data multiple ways.
Aaron Yates
There is a free application for Windows called VCF Viewer, that allows you to export contact information to OneDrive, which includes one location such as Microsoft Outlook as well as importing this information from web sites such as Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo. Your phone number is stored in a 'vault.Using Windows and Mac computers that accept VCF files. With it, users can also send, receive and receive mails, send emails, or download files with all the resources of an electronic world so that everyone can participate in the creation of activities like business cards, resumes, and email marketing programs.
Printing VCF files requires the use of the VCF Viewer. With the VCF Conversion Tool, you can convert VCF files to CSV formats automatically and on all Windows platforms. makes editing and creating VCF files very easy, thanks to its elegant interface and ease of use. By simply scanning on your device, it identifies the variety of VCF files on your device.
Matthew Berg
Contacts saved in VCF files can now be seen via the VSV Viewer. Especially useful is the fact that I do not have to use an email application to open and view VCFs. The interface is great, the folder support is great, there are a ton of contact fields, and it supports multiple folders.
I find that the VCF viewer makes my job more effective.VCF viewers let me know what is on my face and phone number rather than going through the individual files one by one.
It could be useful for you if you are looking for a solution to multiple vCard file contacts you don't know how to handle. Contacts will be opened and the contents will then be viewed and even read with this software application, regardless of whether they are large or small. VCF Viewer allows you to collate and organize your contacts. Using this tool you are able to make sure your contacts appear more organized.
I was on the search engine site the other day for a VCF viewer, and a Windows version of VCF Viewer came up. In addition to all the features I want, the installation is super easy. Contacts, images, and contact information for Vcards are displayed. I also have the option of sorting the contacts manually. It's compatible with all formats and many languages. It makes my contact information visually appealing and I have a great life.
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