by Stefano Toniolo

VCardOrganizer is the best program to manage, edit and share electronic business cards from your PC

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Stefano Toniolo

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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vCardOrganizer is a small application with a very simple interface that allows you to easily create, edit and share electronic business cards in the .vcf format. The cards can be attached with e-cigarette batteries easily.Ads or invitations for businesses. vCardOrganizer is both a manager and a tool for creating digital "business cards". The card feature makes it easy to edit contact lists, replace existing photos on the card, and add new ones with minimal effort. With the tool, you can put all kinds of cards in a list and share with others via email.mail.

people will be able to rely on this application to accomplish their business objectives. Among its unique features, CardOrganizer lets you sort maps by name, date of receipt, and categorize them into thematic groups. It also comes with built-in functionality that makes it possible to find and search multiple maps in an archive simultaneously.

- You can use the program to design and print electronic business cards; The program can also be used to edit business cards;

- A business card can be customized to display multiple photos; a photo display profile; ;

- The Drag and Drop function can be used.

- Integrating Windows Explorer fully with Windows ocialization with Windows Explorer;

- Adding logos to business cards is possible; ;

- Using online backup for your business cards; eidertant and restore business cards;

- Create duplicate contacts with this tool; make lists for duplicate contact creation.

- Contacts can be changed or grouped on the map quickly;

- The ability to print a business card on demand; ng the created business card;

- Extension support;

- Using one click on the plug-in: Click Call plug-in.Using Skype speeds can now be accomplished.

Windows computers could use vCardOrganizer, which organizes contacts automatically. Easily adding phone numbers and email addresses in minutes is made possible by a simple and easy-to-use interface. In addition to drag and drop ability, vCardOrganizer allows users to add images, organize contact groups, and sync their contacts in the cloud.
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