by e2eSoft

Emulates webcam in system for windows servers

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: e2eSoft

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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VCam is a program that can emulate a webcam connected to a computer and broadcast any video (or images) to the other party.

Installing all of the necessary drivers on your computer will let you cheat the PC, making it think you have connected a real webcam when all of them are installed on your computer. VCam's application is limited to your imagination, but most of the time it's used to play friends on Skype and other video chats. You do not have to follow any additional steps if you are integrating with third party software. This information, which is available in almost all programs, is widely believed to have originated from your computer's webcam.

VCam also allows you to download images that you can get from your desktop and other devices similar to the computer, like external capture cards. You can use it to add various graphic effects to your picture when using this webcam by using it. There are many ways to create your own monochrome file, for instance. A single key has the capability of pressing any of the available effects. The tool can also add text layers and frames as well.

It has been enhanced to provide hotkeys so that people are more comfortable with VCam. It is possible for you to adjust the combinations you select in the menu and settings. Additionally, you can modify the look and feel of the graphical shell and the multimedia interface used by the program (by default, DirectShow).

- An example of a real webcam being emulation;

- All video files, graphics files, and "pics" that are sent to devices by capture cards are broadcast here.

- You can affect the image from your webcam without affecting it;

- multilingual interface;

- Skype is integrated into a number of popular programs automatically; integration with Skype and other similar programs;

- Your own video driver; ouse video driver;

- Use the DirectShow media interface to access media files.

- Despite the low CPU load, the performance is high.

Currently,VCamfor Windows emulates the webcam camera that Windows users commonly see. Teletexter uses the microphone to make video calls, it can be used to broadcast and even host video meetings as well as monitor videos. Using VCam makes it easier than usual for Windows to detect objects, such as webcam cameras. A user can download this software either directly from the internet or acquire it if necessary.
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