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Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Tox

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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uTox is a completely free instant messenger program that prides itself on being able to free users from proprietary software. Despite the lack of features, it offers simplicity and accessibility that make it a good choice for anyone.a rounded messenger whose goal is to do exactly what it states.

Typical of most messengers, uTox's contacts and user information are shown on the left side of the page, while chats are displayed to the right of that, listed top-down. Users of both online and offline platforms are depicted in colorful circles. Besides video and voice chat, uTox supports chat over the Internet as well. Furthermore, you are permitted to share unlimited files, without limitations on the size of any of them.

Almost every page of Chatting is fast and responsive, and with all the icons clearly visible I imagine many people downloading and configuring it without need for documentation or FAQ's. A lot of ease and navigation is given when you use this tool.

In addition, uTox cannot be accessed via physical servers. As a result, its servers are never offline and it is highly secure. Having all your messages encrypted means that you are not worried about their security. As an alternative, uTox offers it for free, because no advertisements appear on the app. It also never asks you to upgrade from a previous version.There is no charge for the software.

As an added bonus, there is no registration required, which means there is no data mining of any kind either. You'll need to install the program and enable the Tox ID, located within the settings, to add friends. Upload a screen name to create a unique Tox ID (duplicates are irrelevant as they aren't connected to your Tox ID).

There is a lot to admire about our system--it is no file limit in the case of videos, audio, and instant messaging, and it runs completely on serverless servers (no need to register), so links do not need to be clicked, and for everything we provide, there

Allows full chat features without any registration or data collection

  • No registration necessary
  • Fully encrypted messages
  • Supports voice and video chat
  • Filesharing with no file size caps
  • Completely serverless messaging
Using the Utox and securing conversations is quite easy, and I'm a small business owner working with my friends. It makes communicating on all platforms quite tely comfortable to make a communication on each and everyone, also its get easier for me to secure the conversations.
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