User Time Control

by 1st Security Software Center

A powerful and reliable application that lets you limit the time users spend on your PC

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: 1st Security Software Center

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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User Time Control allows you to limit your child's time on your computer.

The User Time Control Center will allow you to determine exactly when and for how long the computer can be used. You can also specify the users on the computer for whom access will be allowed with no restrictions in the program.

The perfect tool if you are concerned about kids playing games too long and playing too much online, or if you are not happy that they use your computer while you are asleep, or if you're not home.

User Time Control is a tool that allows you to set a time period for your child to work on your computer

You will also be able to determine the schedule, time intervals and number of hours your children will be able to use the computer. Depending on when you decide what time you want the program to shut down, the program automatically shuts down your computer.

Additionally, your PC will be avoided from using before and after specified dates, or between the times when each specific date is observed. If you click Start, you can enter all of the Time Control Center user's actions. The system log file will tell you when and how long your child uses the PC.

With password protection and tools for setting up and removing apps, all important files are protected from unauthorized access so that no software can be removed by another user to gain unauthorized access to a user's user.

Easy-to-use interface makes it very easy ll you work in it easily and with pleasure!

A great tool for parents to restrict their kids' access to a computer or specify whether a computer needs to be used when. The current situation with children's online activity raises many parents' concerns, yet few realize that they will soon find some great software designed for helping them manage their kids' online behavior.
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