by USBlyzer Team

A USB protocol analyzer and traffic sniffer for Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: USBlyzer Team

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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USBlyzer is a utility designed to monitor the activity of devices connected to a computer via USB interface. Programs like this display a detailed list of what devices are doing to the system and may be able to provide an indication of whether a computer is infected with Autorun.viruses. USBlyzer displays information about all ports and accurately identifies connected devices, whether they are drives, smartphones/tablets, peripherals, etc. Any version of the USB interface (1.0, 2.0, 3.0) is supported.

Besides the activity ribbon, this interface has a list of ports as well. In addition, there is a section that provides information on connected devices which is collected. Trees display their ports in a tree.It is simple to look up interfaces to one hub more easily by pointing to the list. Then, select the appropriate parameters from an activity analysis by using the "Capture" item. All gathered data is displayed in one chart in real-time, and monitoring is performed in real-time. URB, IOCTL, and IRP "hijack" could be supported.

Additionally to malware protection, USBlyzer can also be used to determine and correct problems with the running of the system. It is particularly effective at detecting problems during data transfer when using the utility.

This is rather a valuable program with a quite significant cost tag that functions, but can be utilized freely with limited capabilities.

- The device can be tracked for the activity of its USB ports;

- In addition to Autorun's various anti-nausive measures, it is helpful to detect infection with the system.viruses;

- If URB is interfered with, it is also affected by IRP, IOCTL, and URB.

- An export of the device tree list to a separate document is feasible; );

- An activity ribbon that gives you the ability to filter unnecessary information can be operated from this application.

As a special active device, USBLYZER monitors the USB components found on the computer.It is very easy to use for identifying the device, detecting the vibrations and separating from the damaged area by the absence of antipersonnel weapons.Its ability to protect against malware is easy to notice.Further, it can also help when the documents are used as a separate file on safety grounds.
It's great to be able to monitor the status of all the devices connected to my computer with USBLYZER. The software also scans both for viruses during each connection and in an effort to keep my PC protected from viruses and to prevent my files from being infected. Five-star rating based on my observations.
Software that protects you from harmful viruses brought by USB devices is known as USBlyzer for Windows. Using the application, you can see devices connected via USB, its safety and ability to keep your computer running. A program called Autorun is immediately detected, which runs as soon as a USB connection is made to it.
Whenever I inject or reject a USB into or out of my computer, this device is always at my disposal. My belongings can be kept in one place and I can keep track of my activities and files easily. Traffic is continuously captured by the app, and the software analyzes this activity to gain a fuller understanding of my USC. With this app, I can use all the USB drives in my house, even though technological advances have ushered in a world without USB drives.
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