A portable tool that provides detailed information about USB devices connected to a computer.

Operating system: Windows

Release: USBDeview 2.80

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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USBDeview is a tool developed by NirSoft with the sole function of managing the connectivity relations between a user's computer and USB devices. USBDeview's functionality also includes the option to test the speed performance of target drives which especially for professionals is an utmost emphasized need for fast system prompts. English is the only language supported for USBDeview.


  • It is free licensed software
  • It is user intuitive with extreme ease of use
  • It is a small tool that provides users a full range of customizable options
  • It is compatible with Windows operating systems of 32 bits and 64 bits
  • It provides a listed overview of connected devices to a computer with attributes such as device type, name of the device's driver, device description, last plugged-in date, its serial number, connectivity status, the Hub number, etc.
  • Because of its simplicity to execute, it does not require addition windows' registry keys
  • It has practically no technical issue like causing the system to freeze, crash, or the generation of an error reported by the system.
  • All its generated reports are accurate and delivered in fast quality real time.
  • Execution of this tool involves low memory and processing usage

An operative tool initiated by right-clicking USBDeview.As an option, the program disables a USB drive, uninstalls it, or even disconnects it using its personal user interface.The user interface can be customized easily with user's intuitive capabilities. As well as checking what information about the device drives can be found when connected to a computer, USBDeview is capable of finding details on different drives. In addition to that, it has only one paragraph which says any generated report can be read only in an HTML, text, CSV or XML format - even if it can be exported.

Using USBDeview, users have a complete picture of every USB device attached to the Internet via a computer.
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USBDeview 2.80 (0.11 MB)
jessica lynn diehm
An operative tool initiated by right-clicking USBDeview.Use the software in conjunction with a destination USB drive. The software offers the option of disabling, uninstalling, etor.The tool is intuitive and simple to use on all fronts.There are many different customization options available for users of this small tool.There are 32 bits and 64 bits of Windows compatible with this application.its user-The user interface can be customized easily with user's intuitive capabilities. As well as checking what information about the device drives can be found when connected to a computer, USBDeview is capable of finding details on different drives. All generated reports are to be read in txt, CSV, andxml forms. However, they may be exported.
This surcey can be understood easily.
Riley Rudd
By using this software, I didn't have to search the internet for anything to do with my computer. As I work, run games, and edit on my computer, there are a lot of external USB connections I have. Trying to locate all of them was like trying to locate a lost link. Since this puts everything in one place, it is easier to watch what I am doing, too.
Your computer may use USBDeview just like that of a command center. There are no bloatware packages included with downloading the software. Windows is usually configured with a default port viewing terminal, which is a bit easier to understand and handle in some cases. With USBDeview, some important data previews are displayed in a more intuitive way. Ideally, you should run this software on an external drive so that your privacy is protected. Among all features of the program's design, security is important, so you can assure yourself that your computer keeps its files and files.
It gives you an insight into whether or not a USB device has been plugged in to your computer. A lot of features you can rely on include a comprehensive and complete overview of USB devices for the past, allowing you to specify all USB devices with the serial number, type, when it's plugged in, etc.
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