USB Secure


A software tool used to password protect any flash or external usb drive

Operating system: Windows


Release: USB Secure 2.1.8

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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USB Secure is the latest and greatest in portable drive security software. No longer do you need to worry about strangers or friends or hackers getting into your personal files or pictures or any private information stored on your portable drive. USB Secure works on all windows machines! The free version of USB Secure does not require conversions or reinstallations of the previous version or modifications to your files and can work on any drive format, such as Fat/Fat32/NTFs.

Only USB Secure can protect my portable drives in the light of today's updates. There's nothing better than having the same functionality and simplifying user interfaces.

With USB Secure I also enjoy their feature of lost and found functionality. My joy of being able to know that my contact information can be found by anyone who locates a lost drive is priceless. And finally, those on their computer will have no access to any files or folders on the drive next to me.

My entire collection of security and protection software has been downloaded from the Internet. A terrible program that did not last for even a few days took me quite a bit of money. I rely on USB Secure and don't have to look in the Internet to find a reputable security provider for my USB drives. Now I have everything I need and with USB Secure, I can use it to my heart's content. In case you download and install this freeware version of the software, I promise it won't be withdrawn. After a few months, I got hooked, and after seeing more, I think what a bargain it can be if I have ever seen one like it.

Maintains perfect USB security for all files and folders

  • USB Secure works with any portable storage device hardware, be it flash or SSD or HDD, etc.
  • I do not need to be an admin or install anything whenever I want to access my storage, no matter what computer you are on.
  • A multi-layer of security is provided by the application.As well as its layer, it's impervious to hack and crack, so you're less likely to come across scammers and identity theft attempts.
  • navigation and use of USB Secure are incredibly easy, and the ease of user interface enables average laptop users to fully utilize most features in the application.
  • Having the option to access your drive files and folders is a very convenient and fast thing. This can include the full file or just reading it.only version.
Having a trusted USB drive is as important a matter of protecting confidential information as other information. With USB Secure for Windows, a strong password is stored on your flash drive as well, allowing the user to easily manage USB traffic by turning it off from the Start menu. Data security is made easy with it.
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