USB Drive Antivirus

by USB AntiVirus International Inc.

An anti-discrimination software that enables the use of anti-discrimination mechanisms.Software specifically designed USB friendly to allow access to viruses.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: USB AntiVirus International Inc.

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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USB Drive Antivirus is a utility for all those who care about the security of their computer and system. The amount of viruses, spyware, and computer worms available today makes data easily accessible to them and will likely delete your information or steal your passwords. You should also take care not to leave a USB flash drive in a friend or partner's pocket without mentioning it.

Many antiviruses waste a great deal of space on processing and slowing down the computer, and they often consume tremendous amounts of resources on the computer. USB Drive Antivirus Portable does not require any installation and can be run directly from a flash drive or any other removable media, consumes a minimum of RAM and other system resources. There is no conflict with other antivirus software when using this program, since it is fully compatible with other antivirus programs.

USB Drive antivirus software detects and removes the latest viruses and spyware that are found in removable media on your PC. In order to block malware and viruses as well as malicious files, the flash drive will have its interface automatically set to automatically detect if it has been connected, and therefore it will check for them immediately.

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