URL Snooper

by DonationCoder

Find the actual URL of audio or video streams so that the file can be downloaded

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: DonationCoder

Release: URL Snooper 2.42.01

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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URL Snooper is freeware designed to make downloading the source file of audio and video streams easy. It does this by “snooping” behind the JavaScript or ActiveX scripts websites often used to hide the source file. By analyzing network traffic data, URL Snooper is able to find the URL of streaming sources for most if not all streams.


  • Windows 10, 7, 8 and 8.1 are supported.1, Vista, XP
  • Works with 32 bit or 64 bit systems
  • Analyzes network traffic to find source URLs
  • Displays IP addresses and Protocols of URLs
  • Uses WinPcap Driver
  • Easy and advanced modes
  • Freeware

If you’ve ever wanted to download an audio or video stream online, you’ve no doubt noticed that the “link” to the steam is often not the file source of the stream. In stealth mode, rogue sites use JavaScript or ActiveX scripts to obscure their source files' URLs, making it almost impossible for them to get them downloadable. freeware tool which can be used to determine a download file. It is a one-button tool.A small solution that tracks URLs of streaming media through the network and automatically finds their source, without needing to search the Internet.

As traffic data from websites is used to find the stream's source, URL snooper searches behind the JavaScript or ActiveX script smoke screen in an attempt to locate the source.

Launching URL Snooper you are able to identify every steaming URL and display it within the thumbnails. URL Snooper has numerous different ways to download a song, but the key is in the text of the song.There are also a few other advanced features available, such as URL filtering by protocol or keyword, and network cards and "sniffing" engines that can be specified.This URL snooper is available on an installable or portable basis. URLs can be captured and filtered by using WinPcap. Simple and intuitive user interface. IP address and protocol information for detected URLs are displayed together with the URLs themselves. You can save the data or retrieve it through a browser by copying, saving to, or opening it.

Last October I almost bought URL snooper. It's pretty common for me to travel with my laptop in business trips. Despite being on the go, I prefer getting as much work done as I can. As soon as I got to my flight, I tried to connect to YouTube but it did not work. In my opinion, this program would have been perfect. The software is easy to use and runs just fine. You can watch the video by searching for it, selecting it and then selecting it. Pretty simple.
By passing information about programs used to conceal source files, URL snoopers will then be able to locate where a stream came from, or the stream name. You may not be able to stream streaming sites if they hide their URL locations, but this program will pass that on to find the URLs so you can stream at the URL you want.
Logan Dubose
There was an application called URL Snooper that helped clients look at sound and video documents so they could be saved. In javascript or activex, countless connections to gushing sound and video on the web are not apparent. A great deal of the time, one cannot determine right from wrong a stream's URLs, as opposed to in other cases. A one-way traffic to the URL was given by Project URL Snooper in order to make URL security a priority.The URLs to all streams should not be found so easily by default. This process is triggered by watching system traffic and looking for patterns of URLs, such as gushing media domains.
A lot of users want to record their videos and audios. However, there is a program called snooper for Windows that allows them to find them. Users will find the interface very easy to use and navigate. A range of features including small packet spanning, improved identification functions, dynamic keyword filters, expanded context menu support, recording hints and links to websites, and easy browser selection are available. This tool makes keeping track of posted media very easy and intuitive.
You can find website urls for audio and video urls using URL Snooper. URL Snooper is quite simple to use, and is essential in terms of being able to find what is available at hand without using a web browser or any other tool in your background. In order for this to happen you'll also need to find online copies of any music or video.
URLs and audio files can be tracked and recorded using this app. Encoded files can be challenging in the past, but now you can do so with this app. It is easier to navigate through the updated user interface. A custom search engine will allow you to customize your browser and favorite menu. By dragging and dropping the process, it can be done much faster.
A URL snooper allows customers to retrieve links for audio and video files, so they can record and use those links for personal entertainment. A new user interface has been introduced in the newest version. Furthermore, the newer version of the software supports context menus. It is possible to adjust the browser selection in a few different ways.
If something needs the app of something, such as in case they are recording or capturing audio and video, that would be the best thing. The same is true of an application that would be useful in the correct place. software in question, as well as their purpose, their merits, and their drawbacks can be viewed here.
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