Update Service

by Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB

Allows for checking for updates on Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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ATTENTION: Support for the Sony Ericsson Update Service program was discontinued in 2014 and the program was replaced by Sony Xperia Companion.

Update Service is a software solution designed specifically for Sony Ericsson phone owners. You will find that updating the firmware of your device in a timely manner increases its stability and productivity. The smartphone software on your Android device should be updated if you haven't done so already. Only a few steps can be taken - Once you have determined a phone model, connect it via USB and start running the software analyzer. Just a moment is all it takes for the missing updates to be discovered and installed.

You'll need the Update Service to back up any existing software before your application begins working. It is always possible to switch back to the previous state if you encounter problems during the upgrade. Moreover, the application can recognize and retrieve frequently used devices. It also makes automatic updates when your operating system is booted every time.

- Almost all phone models can be made compatible with this solution;

- Your phone software gets updated in a few minutes ;

- The interface is simple and clear; ;

- Documents containing data must be backed up; and all affected records must be maintained separately.

- The application is simple to use and has many features.

Windows Update Service for Windows is my favorite program since all software developed by Microsoft has been downloaded and installed to my computer automatically when you sign in. Thanks to its automated nature, I find it convenient and more enjoyable. By using Update Service for Windows, I am able to ensure that my PC is always up-to-date, and I am confident that it can handle all the security patches.
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