by Cedrick Collomb

A useful tool that helps you take control over files and folders

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Cedrick Collomb

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Windows is an evolving and dynamic product, so many errors are resolved within a short period of time once they are detected. Users do not need to worry about it. In spite of this, there are some things that don't work properly in Windows and which are very annoying. It is becoming increasingly evident to me that a file or folder will not be deleted or moved just because of some unfortunate misunderstanding with the user. These files are blocked by Windows due to its "awareness" that they are being used by another program. There can be exceptions to this. Multimedia files tend to be the subject of this situation.

This is the reason why Unlocker 1.9.1 was created. Programming with this program is as easy as it sounds. Then the next time you experience an error, make sure you're not going to open any of the programs associated with that file, just right-clicking and selecting Delete.click on it. In the context menu you will see the Unlocker item. In Explorer, a window will appear showing the process (or processes) that this file has been used by. You may then click "Unlock" to remove the file directly from this window or to work with it. The program can only remember you of itself when it has not been used and a small icon appears in the system tray upon waking. Minimum settings - If you don't want to run Unlocker with Windows, you can opt not to.

Unlocker has in place all versions of Windows 32-bit and 64-bit, and supports those operating systems.bit editions. A safe recommendation is made to all users using it due to its versatility, ease of use, and conciseness.

To delete blocked files it causes a blocking error message to appear in the form "

- A file cannot be deleted due to denial of access:

- An error involving shared access has occurred;

- The file has been switched between programs; it belongs to another user.

- Please verify that the disk comes with free space, is not write-protected, and that the file you wish to access is not being used immediately.

This is why Windows Operating System has always evolved and changed. Therefore, when some errors are detected, they are quickly fixed, allowing users to continue enjoying their Windows experience. You will find, however, certain things that don't fully implement in Windows in a good manner and, quite honestly, they're very annoying.
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