Uninstall Tool

by CrystalIdea Software

A powerful and fast uninstaller that removes unwanted software and makes your computer clean and fast

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: CrystalIdea Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Speed up your computer with Uninstall Tool! is extremely fast, extremely safe, and very convenient for removing unnecessary software and components from computers. You have an alternative to standard Windows program uninstaller that is really reliable and great. Using proprietary Install Tracker and Uninstall Wizard technology, unnecessary applications are removed thoroughly and completely, without leaving any trace in the registry or removing unnecessary files and folders from the system. In addition, Uninstall Tool works three times faster than the standard removal tool. In fact, the utility knows when a program is unable to be removed with a built-in uninstaller and has the capability of removing unused program files as well.

The Uninstall Tool enables users to display a list of recently installed programs on their computer and view detailed information about each one. In the case you need it, you can see the registry entries, files, and installation directory. The advanced Smart Search feature in Windows allows you to find and uninstall programs you have installed on your computer quickly.

A media source such as the Internet, DVDs, or CDs may also be used for the program.USB disks), which can be translated into 33 languages and installed as 64-bit operating systems, such as Windows and Linux.bit ones.

- By using the Uninstall Tool, you can install and uninstall programs three times faster.

- A program can be sorted into three categories:: Software, System, Hidden;

- Describe how you sort applications based on their names, sizes, and installation dates.

- Install and uninstall programs that are not possible to remove by the standard utility.

- Delete any entries that are linked to registry entries;

- With the quick search function you can easily find any program you need;

- Chooses the selected program entry in the Registry folder, installation folder, and website folder;

- In addition, you'll be able to see detailed information about some of your computer's installed applications; ;

- Using Uninstall Tool with a modern interface, it is easy to utilize;

- multilingual interface;

- You might want to change the Add / Uninstall program option.

- Portability - USB Flash Drive is an option ;

- Specified applications can be saved (export to HTML) for detailed reporting.

- The "Windows Components" and "Install and Remove Programs" applications will open.

This product is so useful that I literally use it everywhere I go. I love how it is 3 times faster and can uninstall all the things builtin installers cannot.You can attach this device with an USB stick, which is really convenient.
Your computer is oggling slow? Have bloatware installed or are you trying to uninstall those older, more outdated programs you do not want anymore, only to find all of a sudden that the ll those old, spacious programs you don't use anymore, only to find that there is still revenants of said program I use a tool for downloading uninstall tool is the program for you! It can remove an uninstall program in only 2 seconds flat, leaving your computer without any free space. It's faster by 3x and permanently erases program files.
In addition to improving the operation system, this application offers the option of uninstalling any existing programs on the computer. installation monitor module can also monitor all the changes made to the system. Additionally, it is integrated directly into the application.
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