Unified Remote

by Unified Remote

Control your computer, and up to 100 apps with one remote on your phone

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Unified Remote

Release: Unified Remote 3.6.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Unified Remote is the only software of its kind that allows you to control your desktop remotely. Even if you are skilled at tech-savvy tricks, doing a mirror job is difficult. Just try to use a TV or similar remote display, or you can easily lose it. The desktop management application lets you manage your computer remotely. Your iTunes can be controlled or your desktop screen mirroring can be controlled. File analysis and review is also available remotely if you need quick access to your files while you're on the run. Suppose, after you're gone from work, you wake up to find your computer plugged in. No problem, with Unified Remote, you can turn off your computer.

Furthermore, you can manage files and other media remotely as well. The app can be downloaded from Google Play, Apple App Store, or Microsoft Store. You can install it for any popular operating system. Using it as a mouse is an interesting feature, though. Ideally, you can utilize this method on a single computer to one or multiple computers.point mouse. You may also use any other keyboard with the technology to serve as a mouse. All specifications and third parties are supported, as well as custom keyboard styles. Not only can you support any app, but you can also control other devices such as the Flic wireless button and the GlobalCache IR blast.

In need of a way to control your TV remotely? You'll have no problem keeping control through the Unified Remote. The app is accessible from any device, and you can control the settings. Netflix is available if you want to watch it. You can browse media sites such as Netflix, iTunes, and others using Unified Remote in a matter of minutes.

It is better since it helps simplify your life.

There is no reason you would need any other app if you have the Unified Remote. The program is easily accessible and usable. On your smartphone or tablet, simply search for the app you need, download it, and get started. Simpler the Remote, more efficient you life will be.

In order to reduce clutter, I decided not to keep my collection of remote controls at an endless number. App-tapping will be required to bring up Unified Remote. Because I always have my phone with me, I downloaded the app and immediately removed some of the remote's. Awesome idea guys!!!
The theory is pretty cool, but what if someone can somehow catch hold of your phone or you lose it in a tragic accident?? This app would not allow you to use it. If I misplace my phone a lot, I'd rather use an app that allows me to keep an address on hand rather than this.
Ben Caudle
Your computer will have access to this app remotely. A single application can control many different programs. Besides Spotify, you will also find it with Tube and Window Media Player. With the help of IT's Open API, developers are able to produce their own custom remote controls.
It provides easy ways to connect your Windows Phone to your Windows PC so you can work from anywhere. In Unified Remote for Windows, by installing the app yourself as part of your phone package and also installing a map of the website in the dashboard section. Once you have selected the type of address in the dashboard area, you can then copy the map and perform the installation by doing the install command
The Unified Remote App is great for anyone who wishes to use their laptop remotely, but some of its features are expensive, but other benefits include seamless access to email and files.
By using this software, we're able to perform remote Windows or Mac applications on our smartphones, using a computer remotely through a smartphone. This free product is very easy to use, and definitely worth testing.
They were able to set up complex web servers with ease. They had an easy-to-follow process. Although the program provides responsive handling and is easy to utilize, previous remote software I used at my office was inefficient and slowed down my computers. Thank goodness we got a new program now.
As a user, you can seamlessly link to your device from your environment in terms of enabling you to control your surroundings. A few minutes after completing the initial setup process, which requires that one have confidence navigating quickly, one will be able to use their device as a remote control. Gone are the days when obsolete equipment couldn't be repaired regularly, nor were batteries required. For convenience alone I recommend and feel confident promoting this product to people without a particular technical background-savvy.
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