by Reason Company Software Inc.

Keeps you from installing unnecessary software

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Reason Company Software Inc.

Release: Unchecky 1.2

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Automatically unchecks boxes when installing new software, keeping you from accidentally installing additional and unnecessary software

This software takes one more thing off your plate of worries. Adding additional content to new software is not always necessary when it is installed. The number of programs, taskbar add-ons, and hidden items in your computer can easily drain it and make it more vulnerable to damage. For less time and effort than going to Amazon looking for a box that needs to be unclicked, this program can help you relax and avoid your fear of running into the wrong thing.


You will not have to worry about forgetting to uncheck the extra boxes when installing the software if you use this program.
  • Unchecky also automatically updates whenever there is a new version so you do not need to worry about periodically checking in to see if you have the latest software.
  • Unchecky automatically unchecks unrelated offers, programs, add-ons, and other spammy type additions which will save you mouse clicks and removes the chance of forgetting to uncheck an offer.
  • There are lots of versions of Windows XP that are compatible.
  • It can be translated into multiple languages, however, English is the default.
  • It is easy to install and also easy to uninstall.
  • In the Group Policy, there is an option to install Unchecky silently.

Eliminate any 'bundleware' associated with a system by installing it automatically. Using an automatic checkbox makes installation stress-free! No need to worry about unwanted add-ons or even more software running. Most computers can run Unchecky. In the case of this software, it is sleek and modern, easy to download, and very easy to install. Bloatware and taskbars that slow your system down are removed through it.

Unchecky 0.2.9 (0.66 MB)
Unchecky 0.2.10 (0.66 MB)
Unchecky 0.2.16 (0.74 MB)
Unchecky 0.3 (0.81 MB)
Unchecky 0.3.2 (0.83 MB)
Unchecky 0.3.5 (0.85 MB)
Unchecky 0.3.6 (0.86 MB)
Unchecky 0.3.7 (0.93 MB)
Unchecky (1.09 MB)
Unchecky 0.3.9 (1.03 MB)
Unchecky 0.4 Beta (1.14 MB)
Unchecky 0.4.3 (1.38 MB)
Unchecky 1.0 (1.39 MB)
Unchecky 1.0.2 (1.48 MB)
Unchecky 1.0.3 (1.3 MB)
Unchecky 1.1 (1.3 MB)
Unchecky 1.2 (1.3 MB)
Billy Dean
I hate bloatware. This program has helped me avoid getting unneeded programs countless times. I am much happier now and i can say im much less frustrated using the computer over all. It has made my computer use much safer in my opinion. Id recommend it to anyone.
this product looks like a great feature. it would save so much time and effort through daily browning and use of your computer. it also helps keep away unwanted features ,I personally have accidentally clicked items I did not want but with this product I think I will save myself next time.
technical error
Alfie Kirsch
It is very frustrating after installing a new program on your PC when you realize you had checkboxes ticked during the installation process that allowed for the installation of programs you did not desire. This is where Unchecky comes in. Unchecky keeps those checkboxes unticked. Unchecky is an amazing option for users who want to avoid accidental installations of programs as well as those who are security minded and wish to avoid adware during the process of installing new programs.
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